Vélizy, January 31, – Messier-Bugatti-Dowty has delivered the first production-standard main landing gear shipset for the Airbus AM. File:AM landing gear Pjpg. From Wikimedia English: Landing gear system of the Airbus AM. Date, 20 Safran Landing Systems. Usage on . The AM is the most advanced, proven and certified airlifter available. This includes landing on frontline air bases, landing on (provisory) gras and sand.

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Airbus A400M Atlas

The first flight of the aircraft, previously scheduled for Julywas again postponed. Retrieved 22 June Archived 7 September at the Wayback Machine. Once on the ground, the AM is designed for very rapid and autonomous cargo loading or unloading without any specialized ground support equipment. You may select the license of your choice.

Retrieved 21 February From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. AM – strategic and tactical capabilities.

Airbus AM operative in the Antilles]. Looking back on 10, hours of AM flight test.

Autonomous Ground Operations The autonomous capability of the AM a4400m operations from remote austere airstrips. Check the page here! AM tanker loading static display.

Its fuselage external width of 5. International military transport aircraft — United Kingdom defence procurement Airbus Defence and Space aircraft Four-engined tractor aircraft High-wing aircraft T-tail aircraft Four-engined turboprop aircraft Aircraft first flown in AM 50th Delivery Infographic.


Airbus AM Atlas – Wikipedia

Discover the arrival of the wings in San Pablo. The AM excels in the airdrop role, being able to drop from both high and low altitudes. In late fear, simulated icing tests were performed on the MSN1 flight test aircraft using devices installed on the leading edges of the wing.

AM completed 10, hours of development flight testing. Refuelling any Probe-Equipped Aircraft The AM is the only Tanker which can refuel the entire range of probe-equipped military aircraft at s400m preferred speeds and altitudes. HD P x px 54MB. The AM is the only tactical tanker offering a third refuelling point for large aircraft refuelling and as an alternative to pods. Discover the fuselage assembly in Bremen.

Thanks to its powerful turboprops it can fly both at the low speeds and low altitudes to refuel slow receivers as well as at higher speeds and altitudes of about knots and altitudes around 25, ft which are typically used for refuelling of fast jets, such as fighters w400m as the Eurofighter or large aircraft such as the C or even another AM for buddy refuelling.

In addition to offering optimised support to deployed military operating bases, these characteristics also allow it to ensure that swift humanitarian aid can be deployed direct to a disaster region. The Aviationist2 January Also, as it can fly higher, it can cruise above poor weather and turbulence of found at medium altitudes, resulting in less fatigue for the crews, and passengers or troops alike.


Retrieved 18 January On 9 Mayan AM crashed in Seville on its first production test flight. Airbus noted that “pending full replacement of the batch, any aircraft can continue to fly with no more than one affected propeller gear box installed and is subject to continuing inspections. A decision has been made to exclude the material from MSN70 onwards, an aircraft that will emerge from the production line in The AM combines the capability to carry strategic loads ,anding the ability to deliver even into tactical locations with small and unprepared airstrips.

The AM offers longer range, higher payload and capacity, faster cruise speed, and improved levels of tactical performance compared to the aircraft it will replace.

Retrieved 20 January The Airbus A400m increases the airlift capacity and range compared with the aircraft it was originally set to replace, the older versions of the Hercules and Transall.