ADuC/ADuC/ADuC Rev. B. Document Feedback. Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no. The ADuC also incorporates additional analog functionality WA TCHDO G TIME R. UART,I2C AND SPI. SERIA L I/O. ADuC XT AL2 .. data sheet. ADUC datasheet, ADUC circuit, ADUC data sheet: AD – MicroConverter Bit ADCs and DACs with Embedded High Speed kB Flash MCU.

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A subsequent read of the ECON SFR results in 0 being read if the verification is valid, or a nonzero value being read to indicate an invalid verification. The complete parallel programming specification is available on the MicroConverter home page at www. When held high, this input enables the device to fetch code from internal program memory locations.

A read-only status bit that is set during a valid ADC conversion or during a calibration cycle. Set by the user to enable, or cleared to disable power supply monitor interrupts. And of course, make all connections to the ground plane directly, with little or no trace separating the pin from its via to ground. Port 2 emits the high-order address byte during accesses to the external bit external data memory space.

This is the case if, and only if, all of the following conditions are met at the time the final shift pulse is generated: Eight data bits are transmitted or received. On-chip factory firmware supports in-circuit serial download and debug modes via UART as well as single-pin emulation mode via the EA pin. When the destination operand is a port or a port bit, these instructions read the latch rather than the pin.

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Set by the user to enable the SPI interface. This is done by duplicating the last channel ID to be converted followed by into the next channel selection field. A PLL locks onto a multiple of this to provide a stable For that reason, do not use a reference voltage lower than 1 V. Serial Port Receiver Bit 9. Whenever possible, avoid large discontinuities in the ground plane s like those formed by a long trace on the same layersince they force return signals to travel a longer path.

Set to 0 for offset calibration. Because Timer 2 has bit autoreload capability, very low baud rates are still possible. Address Latch Enable, Logic Output. Set by the user to enable the hour counter to count from 0 to Should be written with 0.

Such an op amp would need to fully settle from a small signal transient in less than ns in order to guarantee adequate settling under all software configurations. This is not available in the QuickStart System, but there is an example project that demonstrates this capability. While the stack may reside anywhere in on-chip RAM, the SP register is initialized to 07H after a reset, which causes the stack aduv841 begin at location 08H. Status Status indicates the current lifecycle of the product.

A Page 52 of 95 Figure The TIC, being driven directly from the oscillator, can also be enabled during powerdown. Timer 0 high byte and low byte. No license is granted by implication or otherwise under any patent or patent rights of Analog Devices. The core executes the instructions, and they take the same time to execute, but they cannot access the external memory. Set to 0 by the user to select bit mode.

Dattasheet pin is a no connect on the ADuC The sample rate is then simply the inverse of the total conversion time described previously. This pin can also be used as a gate control input to Timer 0.


Integrated Route Taken to Pulse Oximetry. QuickStart Plus Development System The typical configuration shown in Figure 85 summarizes some of the hardware considerations that were discussed in previous sections. However, no responsibility is assumed by Analog Devices for its use, nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties that may result from its use.

The data is transferred as byte-wide 8bit serial data, MSB first. SNR levels of 71 dB are obtained across the sampling range of the parts.

Analog Devices ADuC

As DVDD rises above 2. Finally, note that at all times, the dtasheet and digital ground pins on the part must be referenced to the same system ground reference point. Set by the user to enable, or cleared to disable External Interrupt 0.

If the part is in power-down mode, again with TIC interrupt enabled, the TII bit wakes up the device and resumes code execution by vectoring directly to the TIC interrupt service vector address at H.

ADuC841 ADuC842 ADuC843 /

Note that the 5 V part has an internal POR trip level of 4. This bit selects between offset zero-scale and gain datasueet calibration. However, no responsibility is assumed by Analog Devices for its use, nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties that may result from its use.