View and Download Altec Lansing B operating and service instructions online. Altec Lansing Technologies B,B/SA Anniversary Series Power . Hey guys, I got a lead on an Altec Lansing stereo amp model B I can get for $ – is this a good price for this? I know AL tends to be pro. The B and B/SA Anniversary Series power amplifiers are identical except for the addition of precision stepped attenuators on the B/SA.

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You might be really surprised at how many of us on this forum use pro amps in our homes Yes, my password is: FWIW, the pro amps i use most at home were altrc mainly for their sound quality, altex and entry fee are pretty much bonuses. Sam CogleyFeb 28, Finish color shall be black. Discussion in ‘ Dollars and Sense ‘ started by VistanceFeb 27, Don’t get me wrong. There are more than a couple people on this forum tat use them.

I have a A tucked away in a closet. My idea of amps has always been things like an Adcom, or NAD – and my idea of a wonderful amp being stuff like massive Krell, Bryston, Accuphase, Nakamichi PA-5 – stuff with big handles and huge 9444b. But I’ve heard pro systems that will give them a hell of a run for the money.

West By God 9444. I can sit you down in front of a pro system that will shame a hell of a lotta home systems and bring a hell of a smil to your face.

Your name or email address: The B has a freq. No, create an account now. Im only using them till I can get my paws on some funky old things with horns.

The net weight shall not exceed 34 pounds. Something worth noting though, looking on the back I don’t see a standard RCA unbalanced input.

Wasn’t meaning to offend anyone, I wasn’t aware that this opinion wasn’t relatively universal In my area the universal opinion is what I was just describing, pro audio doesn’t sound that good – so that’s all I’ve had to go on. It is watts x 2 into 8 9444n or x 2 into 4 ohms and it can be bridged mono for into 8 ohms. Aktec ever you prefer. Sam CogleyFeb 27, I found these specs: As I said, the only real weakenss of this amps is, is that the fan alttec it is not the quietest out there.


It’s a really great amp I guess I’m just trained from the people I deal with.

Altec Power Amp B

Do you already have an account? It would certianly go to say then that while these amps may sound fine then, that in my area it still might not make them easy sells if I upgrade to something else.

I”ve heard some really fantastic super rich systems. No one ever sells that kind of thing around here either, the Altec is the first pro power amp I’ve found. But given the kinds of speakers people tend to use with amps like this, I don’t think it’s the kind of amp that would work well for what I have Your standard pretty modern 3-way setup that is relatively efficient.

I get the impression this amp wouldn’t be the kind of sound or amplifier style I’d like – no big deal as I did find some cool stuff at this same place, this was just an interesting thing I saw and didn’t know if it was something really desirable for the people with the old speakers who I know do like and want this kind of amp.

On the rear panel shall be a two position mode switch for selecting between the dual channel mode or the bridged single channel mode, and individual rotary input level controls.

Altec Lansing 9444B User Manual

None of them ever have or use pro amps and about the only people I do see using pro amps locally are those clowns with stuff like those Pyle Pro speakers and such 9444h stuff with carpet for cabinets, huge port holes all over them and cheap pizeo tweeters who are interested in nothing more than how loud they can get. Voltage gain in dual mode shall be 33 dB or greater. I’ve bought and sold a lot of pro amps, any my EV Which is really the same Altec amp you are asking about is one amp I haven sold because it does sound so good.


The aptec shall contain sensing circuitry to provide protection against over-temperature, shorted output terminals, and radio frequency interference.

Input sensitivity for rated output power into a 4 ohm load: Output terminals shall be a barrier strip connector. I know Alyec is one of them Some people have to poo on the pro stuff to justify the fat cash they paid for their high dollar esoteric systems. What other differences are there? I know AL tends to be pro audio and documentation on this amp did show it could be used for auditoriums and the like, but I am curious as to if it is any good for home audio use at all?

Log in or Sign up. I’ve got a EV AP Transient intermodulation distortion DIM VistanceFeb 27, Theres a pair of Altec b downstairs hooked up to EPI s. Which would you guys recommend?

B – Altec Lansing B – Audiofanzine

The power amplifier shall meet the following performance criteria. Just aotec an amp is a pro unit does not mean it isn’t “musical sounding”. You don’t say where you’re located but if it were near me I would certainly drop bones on it.