“Alternativna historija, tom I – IV” – TKD Šahinpašić, Sarajevo ili Interliber (www. ); “Alternativna povijest – tragovima Atlantide” – Indrija, Zagreb. Alternativna historija je naziv za specifičan podžanr spekulativne fikcije, odnosno naučne fantastike čija je radnja smještena u fiktivne svjetove u kojima je. The World of the Maya – Alternativna Historija. advertisement. Sam Osmanagich THE WORLD OF THE MAYA 2 Table of Contents Introduction The Lost World of.

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They discuss the artistic achievement of the Maya. Electrically and magnetically potent points enabled attainment of the desired spiritual level. He proudly tells me that it took a full three years to make it.

Every town has a street named after him, or a monument, or the university. In the mixture of what historians call the civilization of the Toltecs and the Maya we also get magnificent architectural achievements at Uxmal and ChichenItza. It is believed that work began on the Great Pyramid about B.

The many street vendors, thousands of balloons, music, children, tourists, Indians, white, yellow, black — all mixing in these few square miles. It is clear that what we see here are space ships which travel between our Solar system and other parts of the galaxy the head of the Maya alternativn in the vehicles and, thereby, between the Sun and the center of the galaxy.

So, by means historja numbers, by adjusting frequencies, we can go through different dimensions. This is the galactic center, which the Maya called Hunab Ku. Do numbers have a deeper meaning in cosmic relations?


Alternativna historija

For me it was clearly evident that the Maya civilization was not developed over hundreds or thousands of years but rather it happened overnight with the arrival of members of a different and advanced civilization. Their high hixtorija — the equivalent of our Pope — lived in the residence.

The Maya based their life on the principal of cosmic harmony. After that Pedro continued his further exploits of the despoilment of Guatemala.

NLO-i, vanzemaljci, alternativna historija

I wake up several times thinking I am in an airplane. And at the end of our life it would seem that we know less than at the beginning. And because our planet does not have a two-way flow of information with the source of the Galaxy. There is no source of water. Then I tried to introduce some of the evidence that the Maya actually existed in history much earlier than he, and other guides, were telling the groups of tourists.

Why was this location chosen for such a building site? The current situation is that three of every one thousand tourists encounter such unpleasant experiences. The pictoglyph consists of four smaller and one larger picture symbol. Every symbol had several meaning; every picture could also be interpreted in several ways literally translating the item represented or via the pronunciation with a different meaning.

According to legend, if one wraps ones arms around this stone megalith: Traversing a distance from point A to point B? The conclusions were shocking — they had discovered the largest structure ever built on Mexican soil. Insults are exchanged at the highest levels of government and a hundred-hour long war is begun. But we should ask ourselves whether technological advancement develops true creativity in man or his spiritual advancement.


The World of the Maya – Alternativna Historija

This represents the product of 20×20 or The destination is known but the arrival time is definitely not possible to guess. Single-storey gray suburbs, heavy traffic. For me the answer is obvious. When they were in their homeland, they were looking toward the cosmos and their next mission. We have these colossal buildings with an earthquake resistant design. The model shown in photo shows the probable appearance of the pyramid and the structures which went with it.

We have a culture about which we know almost nothing. Archeologists generally view these calendars as nothing more than a means of recording time. Beneath this there was an earlier field, and beneath it yet another still earlier aalternativna. Again physical evidence is important here. Their perception of life and of cosmic processes was much deeper than that. The entry fee for Guatemalans is three quetzal; for us foreigners alfernativna is ten times that: First in and more recently inEarthquakes left significant damage.

I crisscrossed the 25 square kilometers and climbed to the top of every temple, pyramid and palace. And all of that is framed within the Central American jungle, of an intensely green color.

At the side of the road another bus has come to a halt. The owner is sleeping on a collapsible cot.