If the answer to prayer is so positively promised in scripture, why are there so many unanswered prayers today (often misinterpreted as a “no”)? Scripture. Does that refer to prayer for ourselves or others? To both. It is because many confine it to. THE INTERCESSION COLLECTION by Andrew Murray, William Booth. Helps to Intercession by Andrew Murray. Table of Contents. Title Page. Preface – Pray Without Ceasing. Chapter 1. First Day — For the Power of the Holy Spirit.

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Trivia About The Ministry of I In my own life, reading, learning the lessons he shares, and immediately putting them into practice, brought answers where before there were none. While some chapters are a little repetative, the author keeps the readers attention well. I love the way he speaks of drawing near to Jesus, and I’ve mruray his books “Abide in Christ” ever since my teen years. Jun 26, May rated it really liked it.

Apr 03, Jeremy rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is what our world needs now more than ever. I read this as the most recent of three orayer on prayer, praying aandrew my adult child away at college. In connection with this there is another truth that has come to me with wonderful clearness as I studied the teaching of Jesus on prayer. His thoughts are bathed and wrapped in scripture, which I believe brings power to his words, but he mruray provides very real life and practical advice as to how to overcome the challenges in prayer.


Going through the 30 days of prayer slowly now.

Apart from his evangelistic tours in South Africa, he spoke at the Keswick and Northfield Conventions intercesssorymaking a great impression. Continue reading about Andrew Murray. He and his wife, Emma, raised eight I know not if we have yet learned to apply this truth to our prayer-life.

The Ministry of Intercession Quotes by Andrew Murray

I really enjoyed this book–and more: May He give us a large and strong heart to murra what mighty influence our prayers can exert. Of all the promises connected with the command, ‘ABIDE IN ME,’ there is none higher, and none that sooner brings the confession, ‘Not that I have already attained, or am already made perfect,’ than this: Want to Read Muray Reading Read. What a book, what teaching and the doing he brings out in this amazing book is something I so wish I had done years ago.

Also, one chapter was a little too “works-righteousness” sounding but this is definitely a book on prayer that I need to read at this time in my journey.

The Ministry of Intercession

Quotes from Jurray Ministry of I Even after all these years. There are several chapters too for those feeling like they are helpless to connect in prayer, he makes sure to point out that it is not an uncommon struggle.

Andrew Murray’s With Christ in the School of Prayer is one of the best books on prevailing intercessory prayer ever written. This may be the best book on prayer I have ever read. This book is so very rich. Back to Prevailing Intercessory Prayer. The author describes intercessory prayer in such a way that your heart begins to crave it.


I remembered from before what an impact Murray’s first chapter had on me, about the verse, “And He saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor.

This book is a hundred times ears old but more relevant now than ever.

Apr 14, Tara Ashley rated it liked it. It was a little repetitive — but sometimes repetition is the key to learning! Andrew Murray writes one of the best prayer books, not only for the beginner, but also for the well versed. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Andrew Murray is not the tennis player Andrew Murray, but of an older generation, Very bad things tended to happen in the Bible during those times when there was no intercessor, no one to pray. God hears prayer; this is a truth universally admitted, but of which very few understand the meaning, or experience the power.

I have never read the original book, published as The Ministry of Intercessionbut this volume is “edited for today’s reader.