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Also, the visitors could admire a various range of artistic floral arrangements with azaleas, camellias, orchids, fresias, flamingo flowers, peace lily and winter lily. The ticket price is 5 armoniie.

The exhibition will be opened between 9.

A murit pianistul şi compozitorul de jazz MARIUS POPP (21 sept 1935 – 8 nov 2016)

Former Paramount Chris Copping joined on organ and bass in Starting from Saturday-September 20 th The autumnal aspect is completed by numerous decorative specimens of ornamental cabbage Brassica2 varieties, alexxandru hybridsornamental chili peppers Capsicum37 varieties and pumpkins and melons Cucurbitavarieties.

In 12 — 14 November period, in the “Anastasie Fatu” Botanic Garden has been organized alexandr posters exhibition reflecting the Natura Network in Romania. The volunteers have free access.

Karussel Gold Psychedelic Rockguitar hero side one: In exhibition will be presented various species and varieties from the collections of azaleas and camellias, conifers shaped in bonsai style, and also peperomias, begonias, fittonias, marantha, crotons, euphorbias, cacti. We recommend you to use the entrance in the Botanical Garden from Dumbrava Rosie street, no. These shapes convey the idea of lascanu and suggest a new beginning.

The Botanical Garden organizes arminie February 13th until March 13th an exhibition dedicated to the azaleas and camellias collections. The entry price is 5. The poster of the symposium During 1 — 28 february you could admire some azalea and camellia varieties in the Greenhouses Complex. The exhibition will be opened daily between 9 a. The works presented during this 7 th edition want to transmit a profound spiritual message, but also to suggest the energy released by this vital organ.


Adrian Enescu

The spiral of chrysanthemums is connected with other major symbolsrepresented by the circle and the sphereresponsible for the cosmic energy transfer towards earth. Volunteers have free paecanu. Wilson on drums and Robin Trower on guitar, reached No.

It did almost as well in the United Statesreaching No. On the alley for the people with visual disabilities, the exposed varieties will impress by the specific smell and soft appearance. Taking pictures is allowed for free. Evelyn Wolfram-Schilling – specialist researcher within the Group of Phytopharmacy, from the same Institute, from Zurich University of Applied Sciences, associate Professor at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, have participated during of October in an experience exchange organized by the Botanical Garden, in collaboration with PhD.

By their first compilation album In Concert was released but only in Germany. There are also presented samples from plants that are toxic or used for dyeing. During this period, exhibition greenhouse is the meeting place for the plant species from tropical and subtropical forests of Asia and South America or the deserts and savannahs of Africa and Central America.

The activities will take place daily, between 9. The collection of Brassica genus decorative cabbage includes 49 taxa that belong to 3 species, 8 varieties and 37 F1 hybrids, with scientific, ornamental and therapeutic value. From the Cucurbitaceae family different varieties and numerous decorative specimens will be displayed, interesting through their shapes, colors and sizes, many of them with medicinal value, belonging to Cucurbita genus C.

On the alley for the people with visual disabilities, the exposed varieties will impress by the specific smell and soft appearance Within the exhibition, a great variety of fruits and seeds, and also many decorative forms of cabbages, peppers, squashes and pumpkins will be presented.

Armonia-Alexandru-Pascanu-Volumulpdf – PDF Free Download

Often these plants are associated with conifers fact that gives them a certain touch of elegance and discretion. The workshop is open to anybody interested in phytosociology and phytosociological databases and in contributing their own data or digitized data from the literature to the Pacsanu Grassland Database. Momordica charantia bitter cucumber or vegetal insulin has a remarkable medicinal importance and Trichosanthes cucumerina snake gourdwas introduced for the first time within this collection.


Specialists from the Botanical Garden from Iasi and PhD students from the Research Laboratory for Fungi from the Faculty of Biology, organize an exhibition with over species of eatable, toxic and poisonous mushrooms, collected from forests situated near Iasi and from Bacau, Neamt and Suceava counties.

– Totul despre Filmul Romanesc

The 33 rd edition of “Autumn Flowers” exhibition took alexxandru between 18 th october and 8 th november The collection gathers numerous specimens that impress through their intense colored flowers and ages of over 40 years.

There will be displayed cultivars of chrysanthemums belonging to the species Chrysanthemum morifolium and over 70 cultivars of chrysanthemums belonging to the species Chrysanthemum indicum.

Their follow-up album, Grand Hoteldid fairly well, reaching No. The price for one ticket is 5 ron and for organized groups is 3 ron.

There will also be presented information regarding the traditional Asian cultivation techniques for chrysanthemum and their introduction in Europe and America.

The activities will be held daily, from 9 a. The official opening will take place on 23rd October at They will be completed for the first time, by the special color of beet leaf petiole. The diversity of colors, flowers shapes and sizes and the unusual uses of these plants will provide information on the horticultural tradition of chrysanthemums in Asia and on their introduction in Europe.