Tirza. $ by Arnon Grunberg. Quantity: February 19, novel | pb | pgs “Grunberg chronicles the mistakes of a morose Dutch bourgeois and. Tirza [Arnon Grunberg, Sam Garrett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Longlisted for the Best Translated Book Award Grunberg. Tirza [Arnon Grunberg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tirza is enn roman over een vader die zijn kiind will beschermen. Een boek over .

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En dat hij er niet zo nu en dan in wegglijdt. Literary agent Arnon Grunberg Agency Tel: The apple of his eye — the name means “She will be my delight” in Hebrew — is going to celebrate and then take arnoon for Africa with her older boyfriend. Thomasa curious in every sense of the word young man who always judges books by their covers Where: Open Letter; Jennifer S.

Indeed, that’s how Hofmeester continues to refer to her daughter’s boyfriend. Then again, that’s our problem. But Hofmeester can cope only up to a point, and his wife’s return, along with his other recent misfortunes, reveals that he is somehow more of a victim and more guilty than wrnon once believed. Tirza wordt vaak vergeleken met een Russische roman. Arnln to Read saving…. Het gebrek eraan is de misdaad. To ask other readers questions about Tirzaplease sign up. Het zit zo prachtig gecomponeerd in elkaar.

Ook zijn kinderen heeft hij vroeger in het nauw gedreven. Vanaf het derde hoofdstuk lees je sneller. Ik hoor het graag!

A book editor unleashes the beast within in Arnon Grunberg’s ‘Tirza’ – latimes

Met grote regelmaat las ik passages met veel irritatie. As he reflects, “through Tirza I saw the world as it is, dangerous, dangerous through and through.


Er moet worden gegeten. You are commenting using your WordPress. It also takes little time to realize, whether because of the filter of Hofmeester’s psyche or because Grunberg wants it this way, that all of the characters in the novel are more than a little fucked.

Things haven’t been going his way for a while. Jan 30, Samah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Grunberg very adroitly reveals what has happened, in a devastating twist that you wouldn’t think could be pulled off.

It seems like he snaps off a clean, biting line about Hofmeester, one of the other characters, or civilization on every other page. Als de echtgenote hem belt met de mededeling dat Tirza gevonden is en hem smeekt om terug naar Nederland te komen, neemt hij inderdaad het vliegtuig naar Amsterdam. Tirza betrapt hem met zijn broek op de hielen.

In lesser hands, in the hands of a writer inclined to convention, there could be something heartwarming in all this.

His first bestseller came at age Enfin is het een goed boek? Hoewel, of misschien juist omdat, ik tijdens het lezen erg aan dit boek gekluisterd was, vond ik nadat ik het uit had toch dat er flauwe trucjes waren gebruikt om de spanning hoog te houden.

Hij staat niet open voor klachten en doet niet aan onderhoud. In “Tirza,” the quiet martyrdom of parenthood rubs up against the banality of bourgeois life. A tense, taut psycho-sexual thriller that disturbed me as it raised my heart rate like few works of this level of literary fiction have done before.


But Hofmeester is about to lose this one, last hold. The style of the Dutch writer is somewhere between Dostoevsky and Coetzee. Very much looking forward to Tirza published by Actes Sudwhich came out in France last week and is due out in Canada on 11 November.

The plot builds from its recursive, minimal setting, with Hofmeester’s party preparations filled with reminiscence and self examination, into a painfully exhilarating and embarrassing climax when the guests arrive. Suffice it to say that, in the case of Hofmeester, the beast can not always stay in the dark.

A book editor unleashes the beast within in Arnon Grunberg’s ‘Tirza’

So I was going to This book, this book. The final chapters in Namibia, on a trip with a 9-year-old black girl, brought back Nabokov’s “Lolita”, and the gradually more intense state of trance of Hofmeester seemed a nice grunbsrg to Raskolnikov in “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoyevsky.

Grunberg gives Hofmeester an opportunity for redemption, of sorts, but redemption does not come easy. Verbaal, uitsluitend verbaal, om hen te sterken. Sex and violence lurk beneath the surface of Hofmeester’s and civilization’s decay, and even the children are less than true innocents in the narrative’s distorted lens.

Het eindexamenfeestje van Tirza verloopt desastreus.