Capitalism. A Ghost Story. by Arundhati Roy. Hardback Reviews. “The fierceness with which Arundhati Roy loves humanity moves my heart.” – Alice Walker. Capitalism: A Ghost Story. Rockefeller to Arundhati Roy 26 March Capitalism: A A temple to the new India, or a warehouse for its ghosts? Ever since. Perhaps, due to the title, which dubbed capitalism a ghost story thereby implicitly supporting my sentiments, I ended up purchasing the book.

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Secondly, once again I’m faced with the consequences of the US’s exportation of capit My lack of knowledge of Indian history and politics inhibited my understanding but reading this concise and passionate book I was left with two challenges. Admittedly, prejudice has played a part all this time in deliberately ignoring anything associated with our eastern neighbour; perhaps also the reason I have shied away from comparing the two economies despite a view that their size aside, a historical comparison might throw up interesting insights into future policy actions for Pakistan.

May 03, Ryan Bell rated it really liked it. View all 12 comments. Politics books Paperbacks reviews. But her views are partly because of where she’s lived and what she’s seen. It becomes an act of humiliation and cultural imperialism Arundhati Roy helps disentangle the mystique and highlight the inequalities that plague the ‘largest’ democracy on the planet.

I was going to post a few quotes in my review, but there is something quotable on virtually every page. Amazing collection of essays. Jun 10, Anosh rated it it was amazing.

Haar rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Since reading Leslie Chang’s Factory Girls and Katherine Boo’s Behind the Beautiful ForeversI’ve been haunted by the way capitalism seems to be establishing itself in developing nations.

She also addressed the issues arundbati pseudo nationalism that is being spread in India At least in current political scenario.

Upon reflection I srundhati that this is partly because the horrifying human misery, poverty and inequality are an indictment of the Western order and it cannot be disguised capitzlism prettified, so it’s easier to focus upon China, which is sufficiently different that reflecting or reporting upon it doesn’t expose the West so much.


Roy suggested these merits must be done to stop the Captimism ghost, that slowly eating up Indian society. She draws parallels between what’s happening in India and the enclosures of common land, specifically in Britain though similar takes can be told throughout the West. My only quibbles would be one that’s on me and one that’s on her: Dalam satu royy, Zizek bilang pernah korespondensi dengan Arundhati, tentang konflik Kashmir, yg oleh pemerintahan India dengan piciknya di Lebih sebagai pamflet tentang kapitalisme dan konflik di Kashmir.

Not a bad read though. Now Gush-Up is in trouble too.

Corruption is seemingly hard-wired into the Indian political system. Everybody must have the right to shelter, education, and healthcare. View all 3 comments.

The second section of the book focuses on Kashmir and again is terrific, so, it’s hard to knock on the book when really it is a book about India specifically, but Roy just gave us even more earlier on. But first she gives a brief and chilling history lesson of where free market capitalism comes from and the role that Corporate Philanthropy and Endowed Foundations play in politics and economies across the globe. And, of course, the prose is beautiful and witty, as you expect from Roy.

Only in India there are a lot more very poor people, and the situation sounds more like a chasm.

Capitalism: A Ghost Story by Arundhati Roy

The international financial meltdown is closing in. Show 25 25 50 All. And seeing all those posts has made me want to understand a little more about it. The points are made passionately.

A review of “Capitalism a Ghost Story” by Arundhati Roy | The World in Crisis

Jul 25, Lea rated it it was amazing Shelves: Extremes of wealth and income inequality. I spent much of my reading time of this book on Google researching the many, many things I did not know about India. It is difficult for me talk about writers I like, even more so when their words are as powerful as these. Arundhati Roy is an Indian writer who is also an activist who focuses on issues related to social justice and economic inequality.

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Tea Partiers and the GOP. Feminist activism is dominated by philosophies popular with western or western influenced NGOs, a structure which came about because the post-independence left wing and peasant activist groups of the 60s and 70s were very patriarchal in attitude, and didn’t make room for women who wanted equality and active involvement — these women were instead welcomed by NGOs and the structure has more or less remained. Capitalism’s playground is global i.

I feel everyone must read it.

The World in Crisis

No one who has been there could fail to notice the staggeringly unequal conditions under which Indians live: Mar 05, Rochelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Some problems are, it seems, the same in many countries. Oct 09, NancyHelen rated it really liked it Shelves: A very interesting, very storh read. It was sort of all over the place, but everything evoked the same feeling and operated in the same general topic recent Indian politics and history.

My lack of knowledge of Indian history and politics inhibited my understanding but reading this concise and passionate book I was left with two challenges.

The writer is a chartered accountant based in Islamabad. Unconfirmed rumours at informal social gatherings suggest that certain news groups are themselves importers of entertainment from across the border; a pure conflict of interest. This book covers a variety of topics relating to exploitation, war, business and government and their relationship to global capitalism.

Until then, there are externalities external to the Marketlike much of the environment. Another excellent collection from the esteemed Arundhati Roy. The name isn’t Rupert Murdoch, but the principle’s the same. In fact, some of the revelations in the book were particularly shocking, and the similarity even more so.