You cannot use ExternalInterface with HTMLLoader between the AS3 host and a child HTMLLoader. You can use it with a child SWF that is. [read-only] Indicates whether any content in the HTMLLoader object is has been delivered to the HTML DOM in the HTMLLoader object. If at the end you are going to use JS + AS3 then its not that difficult. You have I posted in the other FB thread my HTMLLoader-base solution.

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Specifies the height of the rectangle of the HTML canvas that is being rendered.

Adobe Flash Platform * About the HTMLLoader class

The complete event for the previous load operation will never be delivered. Show Inherited Public Methods. The complete event is always dispatched asynchronously. Sets the availability of a dynamic property for loop operations.

Boolean Determines whether the specified display object is a child of the DisplayObjectContainer instance or the instance itself. Boolean Specifies whether this object receives mouse messages. Dispatched immediately after the soft keyboard is lowered. Lets the user drag the specified sprite on a touch-enabled device. Boolean Checks whether an event listener is registered with this EventDispatcher object or any of its ancestors for the specified event type.

If any of xywidthor height is NaNthen the corresponding dimension of the window is left at its default value.

HTMLLoader – AS3

Property Value bubbles false cancelable false ; there is no default behavior to cancel. A Boolean value that indicates whether the pointing hand hand cursor appears when the pointer rolls over a sprite in which the buttonMode property is set to true.


Dispatched when the user activates the platform-specific accelerator key combination for a cut operation or selects ‘Cut’ from the ws3 context menu.

Dispatched when a user enters one or more characters of text. When you set the width and height properties of an HTMLLoader object, the bounds of the object change but content is not scaled as would happen with other types of display objects. HTMLLoader is an internal object, not the external environment.

Dispatched when Flash Player or an AIR application loses operating system focus and is becoming inactive. Dispatched when the user moves an active stylus over the screen while remaining within the proximity detection threshold.

This event is always dispatched asynchronously.

Boolean Specifies whether authentication requests should be handled true or not false for HTTP requests issued by this object. Defines the area that should remain on-screen when a soft keyboard is displayed not available on iOS.

About the HTMLLoader class

Dispatched by an InteractiveObject when a drag gesture leaves its boundary. Swaps the z-order front-to-back order of the child objects at the two specified index positions in the child list. A call to this method implicitly cancels any pending previous load operation initiated with this method or with the load method. Boolean Indicates whether an object has a specified property defined. This event has the following properties: Navigates forward if positive, backward if negative.


That’s all the information I am willing to provide. Indicates the horizontal scale percentage of the object as applied from the registration point. Dispatched when the user selects ‘Clear’ or ‘Delete’ from the text context menu.

This method is equivalent to calling the go method of the window.

Android AIR htmlLoader alternatives? – ActionScript – AS3Lang Community

Specifies the width of the rectangle of the HTML canvas that is being rendered. Boolean Specifies whether this object receives mouse, or other user input, messages. Dispatched htmlloadef a user presses the pointing device button over an InteractiveObject instance. Dispatched when the user moves a point of contact over the InteractiveObject instance on a touch-enabled device such as moving htmlloadrr finger from left to right over a display object on a mobile phone or tablet with a touch screen.

With the whole mess being within the Android app — not using an external browser. Graphics [read-only] Specifies the Graphics object that belongs to this sprite where vector drawing commands can occur.

Indicates whether an instance of the Object class is in the prototype chain of the object specified as the parameter.

The width, in pixels, of the HTML content. Boolean Specifies whether the object receives doubleClick events. Navigates back in the browser history, if possible. If falseauthentication challenges return an HTTP error.