“Azoth of the Philosophers,” Basil Valentine, L’Azoth des Philosophes, This restored emblem attributed to German alchemist Basil original. Azoth Drawing by Basil Valentine Azoth contains the complete information of the whole universe, it is also used as another word for the Philosopher’s Stone. Azoth of the Philosophers-Basil Valentine · Alchemy ArtAlternative ArtOccult AstrologyDark ArtComic BookSacred Geometry SymbolsPecado Capital7 Sins.

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This meditative emblem first published in as an illustration for the book Azoth of the Galentine by the legendary German alchemist Basil Valentine. The word is meant to embrace the full meaning of the One Thing, which is both the chaotic First Matter at the beginning of the Work and the perfected Stone at its conclusion.

Azoth of the Philosophers –

At the center of this striking drawing is the face of a bearded alchemist at the beginning of the Work. Like looking into a mirror, this is where the adept fixes his or her attention to meditate on the mandala.

Within the downward-pointing triangle superimposed over the face of the alchemist is the goal of the Work, the divine man in which the forces from Above and Below have come together. Each of the sequentially numbered points on the star emanating from the alchemist stands for an operation in the Emerald Formula Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, and Coagulation and contains the cipher for the corresponding metal.


To see an explanation of these operations, click on the appropriate point on the star. The melancholy, introverted Moon Queen holds the reins to a great fish, symbolizing her control of those same hidden forces that threaten the King, and behind her is a chaff of wheat, which stands for her connection basiil fertility and growth.

The bow and arrow she cradles in her left arm symbolize the wounds of baeil heart and body she accepts as part of her existence.

The Azoth of the Philosopher, by Basil Valentine – Esoteric Online

In simplest terms, the King and Queen represent the raw materials of our experience — our thoughts and feelings — with which the alchemist works. The King symbolizes the power of thought, ultimately the One Mind of the highest spirit. The Queen stands for the influence of feelings and emotions, which are ultimately the chaotic One Thing of the greater soul. The much anticipated Marriage of the King and Queen produces a state of consciousness best described as a feeling intellect, which can be raised and purified to produce a state of perfect intuition, a direct gnosis of reality.

In our drawing, the body of the alchemist is composed of the Four Elements.

His feet protrude from behind the central emblem; one is on Earth and the other in Water. In his right hand is a torch of Fire and in his left a feather, symbolizing Azkth. Between his legs dangles the Cubic Stone labeled with the word Corpusmeaning body.

Azoth of the Philosophers

The symbol evolved from the Winged Disk of Akhenaten and became the top of the Caduceus, the magical wand of Hermes where opposing energies merge to produce miracles.


This knob represents the Ascended Essence, the essence of our souls raised to the highest level in the body, to the brain, where it becomes a mobile center of consciousness able to leave the body and travel to other dimensions. Touching the wings of the caduceus are a salamander engulfed in flames on the left side of the drawing and a standing bird on the right.

Below the salamander is the inscription Anima Soul ; below the bird is the inscription Spiritus Spirit. The salamander, as a symbol of soul, is attracted to and exposed in the blazing fire of the Sun.

Likewise, the bird of spirit is attracted to the coolness of the Moon and is reflected in it.

This is a subtle statement of the fundamental bipolar energies that drive the alchemy of transformation. Spiritus, Anima, and Corpus form a large inverted triangle that stands behind the central emblem.

Together they symbolize the three archetypal celestial forces that the alchemists termed Sulfur, Mercury, and Salt.

Again, these chemicals are not chemicals at all, but our feelings, thoughts, and body. Azoth of the Philosophers.