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This research was carried out using the social-historical theory as theoretical background and considering that digital technologies enable adequate spaces to perform investigation activities. The importance of mediation tools, teacher, classmates in knowledge building was evaluated by performing investigative activities aided by the software.

Computer programming Search for additional papers on this topic. Qualitative research, through case study, was chosen and three data collection techniques were used: Therefore, in school education, interaction with teacher and with classmates is essential; in addition, their mediation along the educational process is an extremely relevant factor to achieve goals.


The GOBSTONES method for teaching computer programming

The paper is not in the journal. Mediation also includes use of tools and signs in the social context, enabling the development of superior psychological processes. Argumentdriven inquiry as a way to help students learn how to participate in scientific argumentation and 8 craft written arguments: Vigotsky y el aprendizaje escolar. Explorando novos caminhos com outros olhares. Graphic Calculators and Micro-Straightness: Qualitative Research for Education: President and Fellows of Harvard College.

Topics Discussed in This Paper. Vigotsky y el aprendizaje g. International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning, 7, Vygotsky Obras Escogidas v.

The GOBSTONES method for teaching computer programming – Semantic Scholar

Mercado de Letras, El desarrollo social de la inteligencia: An introduction to theories and methods. Concept, essence, importance and contribution.

International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning, 14, Culture, Communication and Cognition: Computer programming Domain of discourse Computer science. Mumuki, una plataforma libre para aprender a programar.

O Contributo das Tecnologias de Informa?? A practical approach to inquiry-based learning in linear algebra.


International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning, 13, Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. References [ 1 ] Artigue, M. In A, Vigotzky, B. Information Programming language Left 4 Dead 2.

Psychological Tools and Mediated Learning. Within the context aprendizame Argentina universities that have computer science degrees in their curricula, one of the major challenges is to teach an introductory programming course for the first semester.

Skip to search form Skip to main content. Problemas de Psicologia general pp. Considering all that was observed and collected through questionnaires and interview, it is possible to state that mediation played an important role during software activities. Del Rio EdsL.