BD Transistor Datasheet pdf, BD Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. BD BD; NPN Power Transistor. FEATURES High current (max. 3 A) Low voltage (max. 45 V). APPLICATIONS General purpose power applications. BD datasheet, BD circuit, BD data sheet: PHILIPS – NPN power transistor,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components.

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Audio application The example describes how the output transistors of an audio amplifier are checked for excursions outside the specified SOAR when the amplifier is being tested under a sinewave overdrive condition. SOAR limits are exceeded.

BD131 NPN Power Transistor

The maximum permissible instantaneous value of the total reverse current allowable in the reverse breakdown region. The effect of heatsinks of various thermal dataseet and contact resistance is often included in the above chart. The definitions of the three systems accepted by the International Electro- technical Commission are as follows: Small signal current gain linearity A.

The BC is primarily intended for low noise input stages in tape recorders, high quality amplifiers and other audio frequency equipment.

A — diode or rectifier C — transistor AP — photodiode CP — phototransistor A’Z — voltage regulator diode The group of figures is a serial number indicating a particular design or develop- ment. Dissipation and heatsink considerations The maximum total dissi given by the relationship: I c mA max. In second breakdown the device offers only a very low resistance to collector current, and is invariably destroyed if the current is not specially limited by a circuit external to the transistor.

In BTW24 range with V maximum repetitive peak voltage, reverse polarity, stud connected to anode.


BM m8X – P max. In this case the point P bd1331 Fig. Note 1 Mica washer B 1 Supplied 1 Plain washer 1 on request When mounted on a heatsink it is essential that a plain washer be datssheet to damage to the devices while tightening the mounting screw.

BTWR Silicon thyristor for ‘industrial’ applications. The thermal resistances required are given assuming these lower dissipations. The transistor has a very low feedback capacitance and is intended for use in the forward bv131 control stage of the television i. All dimensions in mm The BD with- its n-p-n xatasheet BD is specially suitable for use in datasjeet stages of car radios.

A rating system is a set of principles upon which ratings are established and which determines their interpretation. Three loci for critical current values are shown datzsheet the diagram; these represent d.

Rectifier Diodes and Thyristors The group of figures indicates the rated repetitive peak reverse voltage, Vrrm, or the rated repetitive peak off-state voltage, Vdrm, whichever value is lower, in volts for each type.

Peak value of the varying component of the emitter current. The transistor is recommended for use in the input stages of a. The maximum value of Tj— Tmb is to be the greater of the two values given by the equations 5 and 6 below. Encapsulated in a TO-3 envelope. Electrical -V CES max. Input impedance le Voltage feedback ratio Small signal current gain Output admittance min. The BC is suitable for low voltage applications e. This recommendation applies to a transistor mounted flush on a board having punched-through holes, or spaced at least 1.

All dimensions in mm Datasheeet connected to envelope Accessories available: The letter is used with three terminal devices as a third subscript only to denote that the terminal not indicated in the subscript is open circuited. Thermal resistance between junction ‘ J m ‘ and ambient, the device mounted on a ceramic substrate of 7 x 5 x 0.


BD Datasheet(PDF) – Savantic, Inc.

Where the reference terminal or circuit is understood, the second subscript may be omitted where its use is not required to preserve the meaning of the symbol. If the current is allowed to increase up to a critical value at C the device will enter second breakdown.

The emitter bd11 is negative w. The second subscript denotes the reference terminal or circuit mode that the current or terminal voltage is measured.

For applications using non-square-wave pulses, reference should be made to the General Explanatory Notes on SOAR where conversion to equivalent square -wave pulses is explained. Continue this light pressure until both the ‘B’ locks of the rear two leads are inside the holes.

The above method is not absolutely accurate, but the approximation errors in- volved are allowed for in the published data tolerances. Mounted on typical printed circuit Note 1 3.

Omm 36 mmho 3. The devices are encapsulated in TO envelopes with all leads insulated from the case. Instantaneous value of varying component of emitter current.

TO Collector connected to the metal part of the mounting surface.

V e When the common terminal is understood the second subscript may be omitted. The thermal capacity of the heatsink will be such that the transient effect of the power will be averaged.

The maximum permissible continuous value. Shoulda lower value of current, and consequently power, be used, the mounting-base temperature is permitted to rise. See page 4 and BD data sheet.