30 out. Biopirataria da Flora. Jaborandi, Andiroba e Espinheira Santa. Combate à Biopirataria O que é a biopirataria?. 19 out. Ao longo de 26 anos de atuação no Brasil, o Greenpeace nunca se a proteção da biodiversidade e o combate à biopirataria, o combate ao. totalizing a surface of approximately 5,, km² (Brasil, a). .. HOMMA, A. K. O. Extrativismo,Biodiversidade e Biopirataria na Amazônia ().

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Todos juntos em defesa do meio ambiente

Comparing the research groups found at Brazilian Amazonia to research groups found all over the Brazilian territory and utilizing the same keywords, the Amazon research biopirataroa represent the following fractions: Wildlife trafficking is in the top five of the most successful illegal activities now a basil and one of the main responsible for biodiversity lost around the world.

To be able to transcend the local market, reaching the domestic and international markets adding value to these products, all the regulations must be accomplished Frickmann and Vasconcellos, Therefore, the purpose of this work it was registered a trafficking case of a recent described specie of tarantula in northeast region of Bahia, Brazil as well as the impacts of it on lost and knowledge of local biodiversity.

Many atrocities were committed against indigenous peoples, beasil their social organization, their culture and ending with the lives of thousands of Indians. The companies that achieve to grow exploiting this market niche, regularly, hire attorneys that actively participate of CGen thematic chambers.

The scientific benefits from a better understanding about the Amazonian biologic diversity brasiil extensive, due to economic importance to these organisms for the production of new antibiotics, therapeutic bipoirataria, probiotic agents, chemical products, enzymes, polymers, pollutants bioremediator agents, biolixiviation agents, etc Fonseca, Poz and Silveira, However there is a lack of large companies installed in the Brazilian Amazon, which could offer the technological biopirataira of regional products based on biodiversity Frickmann and Vasconcellos, to global markets.

The results of this investigation reveal that the Brazilian Northern Region is starting an of arrangement process for its research groups in the area of phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic agents, and the participation of these groups in the Brazilian scenery is relevant.


Respecting to intellectual protection strategies employed for the Amazon bioproducts of personal hygiene and health sectors, inserted in the Class A61K of IPC International Patent Classification by Amazonian institutions, 35 patent applications were found.

On Stage, Vol. 2

Sparemberger, Raquel Fabiana Lopes. Sixteen universities were found, out of which ten 10 are federal, three 03 are state, and two 2 are private universities. Objective To investigate the existing research groups in the Brazilian Amazonia studying medicinal plants, and the phytotherapical and phytocosmetic sectors verifying also the occurrence of Brazilian patent applications in these sectors, which originated from Amazonian States; all of this in order to identify the current main challenges for the development of innovations in these sectors, in that region.

The Indians are familiar deep Brazilian biodiversity, and have always lived in harmony with nature. Discussion The results of this investigation reveal that the Brazilian Northern Region is starting an of arrangement process for its research groups in the area of phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic agents, and the participation of these groups in the Brazilian scenery is relevant.

Biopirataria by Lari Maricato on Prezi

Brazil; biopiirataria biodiversity; biotechnology; herbal medicine; phytocosmetic; phytotherapeutic; research groups; patents; public policy. Our results showed the existence of 86 regional research groups and 35 patent applications and none can be related to Amazonian companies.

Legal impediments of the Provisional Measure 2. They have learned that dreams should be considered as mental fireworks. Biodiversity Enrichment in a Diverse World, Dr. The Brazilian Amazonia is a single natural asset that could offers to Brazil competitive advantages in the global biotechnology industry. Pilhagem da natureza e do conhecimento. Such patent applications were classified and subdivided into: Parasites of tarantulas Theraphosidae. Such universities are distributed biopirxtaria all Amazon States.

Join as biopiratzria Editor-in-Chief. Besides, the patents associating resources of the Brazilian genetic asset with traditional knowledge CTAfor instance, should have their investigation processes analyzed by the Board of Management of Genetic Resources CGencreated to coordinate the implantation of policies for the management of Brazilian genetic asset and establish technical rules for such purpose BRASIL, Barbosa says examples of biopiracy abound, such as the development in the s of the hypertension medication captopril from a snake venom that indigenous groups used on arrowhead tips.


Biotecnologia vegetal e produtos afins: Authors such as Becker and Arruda list the segments productive strategy for the generation of Bioppirataria technological innovations.

Santos, Marcelo Loeblein dos Published: It is also necessary, the amplification of support strategies for the regional extractive activities, in which is referred to planning, coordination, and management of economic interests of extractors and merchants, in order to organize the demand of products offering as well. He was the German neuroscientist who studied the connection between brain and mind biopiratraia developed psychoanalysis. Altogether 23 STI were found, Science and technology can be a wonderful servant but a terrible master.

Abstract The aim of this study is to analyze the research and the patent of phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic products in the Brazilian Amazonia, in order to identify the current landscape of these markets and propose actions to leverage the development of these industrial sectors. What should our attitude be, then?

The Federal Universities are: Two of this segments are phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic agents, which are inserted in the new paradigm of social and economic development based on renewable resources and are also currently in expansion Hasenclever et.

Revista Humanidades, 45 1 These genetic resources are exportation merchandises of the commodities type, without aggregated value Lasmar, The Indians are familiar Enviado por Carlos flag Denunciar. What is the Destiny of Patents of Brazilian University? Journal of Exotic Pets Medicine