By: Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes | December 12, El texto sintetiza el alcance del bloque de constitucionalidad en Colombia, como figura que permite la. César rodríguez garavito, La gLobaLizaCión deL estado de dereCHo (). rodrigo uPrimny yePes, bLoque de ConstituCionaLidad, dereCHos Humanos y. Conforme a esta acepción, el bloque de constitucionalidad estaría conformado no sólo por el articulado de la Cf. Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes, a. TC.

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Block of constitutionality, human rights and the new penal procedure | Dejusticia

La Reforma al Equilibrio de Poderes: Moreover, law has a liberating potential within struggles for transformation of power because symbols of law are multi-vocal. According to Thomas Biolsi, law establishes hegemony and a language of control, which constitutes and regulates political struggles and empowerment.

The discourse of human rights provides a conception of social rodribo based on dignity and equality. Los derechos sociales en serio: This counter-hegemonic use of law increases the chance that the law will become an instrument —among others— of social emancipation.

Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes | Dejusticia

According to this logic, law may actually protect kprimny interests of the subordinate class for two reasons. The methodology of the disputing approach is based primarily on the case method.

Furthermore, monocultures and intensive agriculture entail environmental and social costs. Hence the ruled can also fight for their rights by means of law, including human rights law.

Bloque de Constitucionalidad – es. The process of defining categories is a process of both inclusion and exclusion of some individuals, groups, and situations.


The two faces of law and human rights within social justice and land claims. Merry, Sally Engle, Fe Moreover, the prosecutor claimed that some of the community leaders were guerrillas se had links with guerrilla groups. Finally, the use of an international human rights discourse in the Las Pavas case has changed the dialogue with the state, since human rights treaties are considered bllque of the Constitution —block of constitutionality— in the Colombian context.

The naming, blaming, and claiming of grievances in terms of human rights make visible unjust situations, and moreover, this discourse has been a powerful tool in the plaintiff’s legal claims in the Las Pavas case.

He is also researcher at the Center of Sutidies Dejusticia. On the other hand, resistance within the law has limitations. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Jul 30, Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Feb 14, Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Jun 23, Constitucionalidaf de Constitucionalidad – scribd. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Nov 13, Desplazamiento de las Pavas.

rodrigo uprimny bloque de constitucionalidad pdf

Ee conditions have generated generalized problems regarding the clarity of property titles, which allows usurpers to easily “legalize” the dispossession. Bloue de Constitucionalidad – [PDF Document] ; bloque de constitucionalidad raquel hernandez amezcua emiliano zapata silva no.

Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Oct 15, Peasants of Las Pavas have used the land for self-subsistence and small-scale agricultural production. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes May 13, Justicia transicional en perspectiva comparada: The prosecutor concluded that the self-representation of the peasants of Las Pavas as victims of forced displacement was false.


Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Sep 6, The human rights law expanded the legal mechanism of filing claims, because the community, as a constitutional and human rights-holder, is entitled to bring constitutional lawsuits. Significantly, the use of the language of human rights law has shifted the claim’s audience from the local to the national and transnational rorigo.

Some scholars have criticized the disputing process paradigm because its micro-level approach constitcionalidad considered ineffective in the study of political and power relationships. Gobierno y nominaciones de la Rama Jurisdiccional: Additionally, she pointed out that some of the community leaders were not actual peasants, as some of them do not fit the stereotypes and common representations of peasants.

LEY DE febrero 8.

Should Courts enforce social rights? To summarize, the literature on the relative autonomy of the law implies that the law is not only a tool of power, used to oppress the ruled, but also a tool for the ruled to use against their oppressors. Second, the prosecutor claimed that there was no evidence regarding the forced displacements of the community of Las Pavas.

rodrigo uprimny bloque de constitucionalidad pdf file

Manual de Jurisprudencia Constitucional 1. Las no explicaciones del Sr. Legal claims to protect the right to land of the community of Las Constitucionaliddad began in I would like to thank Prof.