Green for Life has ratings and reviews. Sarah said: I like green smoothies. They are indeed tasty as this book states and definitely a health b. Green for life / by Victoria Boutenko ; foreword by. A. William Menzin. p. cm. eISBN: 1. Nutrition. 2. Raw foods. 3. Smoothies (Beverages). 4. Green for Life details the immense health benefits of greens and suggests smoothies as an easy way to consume them in sufficient quantities.

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The book includes charts of the nutritional content of greens, which shows very high amounts of things such as amino acids – the building blocks of Victoria Boutenko exhaustively researched scientific studies regarding the healthiest diet for humans, as well as the diet of our closest relatives, chimpanzees, to discover the healthiest diet for us.

Feb 23, Fof “Astute Crabbist” rated it liked it Shelves: But in the gren it’s often feast or famine. But this book is not good.

Victoria Boutenko is an author, teacher, inventor, researcher, artist and mother of three. It’s a good message but the book doesn’t have much more than that. Mar 23, Allison Geer rated it it was amazing. Likewise, although I think the comparison between a chimp diet and human diet is interesting, it’s not exactly logical to say “a chimp eats this and chimps are similar to humans so humans should eat this. However, I suspect that if my diet leaves my jaw weakened, it means there is something amiss with my diet.

To learn more, read the book. There’s some useful info here, especially if you’re having a health crisis and want an option other than pathological medicine. I did learn quite a bit about just how beneficial they are from this book, which I was glad to know. I like her guiding hypothesis that the healthiest lifestyle is the most natural. If you want to feel better and have more energy but you don’t necessarily want to go on a diet, just add a green smoothie to your day.

Take your basic delicious smoothie and add some greens. Also, if you drink green smoothies hopefully it will improve your nutrition – not mak Not too happy with this book. She is a raw foodist and a bit eccentric ie. Luckily, as Victoria’s book hammers home, drinking your greens can not only be an easier way to get them in your diet, but pulverizing them into their liquid form makes the green goodness even more biologically available to our bodies.


Aug 17, Almeta rated it really liked it Shelves: I encourage everyone to give the green smoothie a try. She makes statements, as another reviewer noted, like her mother that had cancer in which she attributed to swimming in a river near Chernobyl could have been cured with green smoothies.

She doesn’t suggest or explain what kinds of exercises might be necessary or why one would do that; the inference is that if people drink enough smoothies, they may need to make up for all the chewing their jaws aren’t doing in some fashion. This book is full of poor fpr coupled with wild assertions and hackneyed personal “research”.

Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko

And many more questions. Her enthusiasm shines through, which is nice. Jun 23, Debra rated it really liked it Shelves: This bouteenko up on my creativity shelf because of the description of how Victoria Boutenko brought about this book and this health practice.

Aug 28, allison rated it liked it Shelves: Feb 01, Helena rated it really liked it.

Not especially well-written, but easy for anyone to understand. I was glad to see that others have had the same initial reaction I had to wheat grass juice and also glad to know that my tolerance lfe fondness for less-sweet green smoothies will likely increase with time She teaches classes on healthy living and raw food all over the world.

Open Preview See a Problem?

Well, motors aren’t classified in mph, but rather in horsepower, and rpm’s. Not ofr happy with this book. I strongly recommend reading some of the books in her bibliography, which she explains is where she got her knowledge.

Boutenko’s eyes the only qualifications needed to make boutsnko and dietary claims are to have at one time been grossly overweight bboutenko to have then lost that weight through a certain dietary program. My children even gave it the thumbs up – amazing.

But we tried them and amazingly, they really are quite tasty! The book is light on science what little documentation there is is buried in the Notes at the end of the book and heavy on “cured my X” testimonials and the author’s own subjectivity.


May 16, Lisa rated it it was ok Shelves: I realise that if I wrote up my own diet here, or just about any of us did, it would be very easy to criticise by each boutenkko those groups with different beliefs, but this really was an extreme diet plan that goes against a lot of good science and really isn’t ideal or healthy or even safe for lots of us, at the very least. What are some good tricks for making up larger batches of the recipes?

Boutenko makes a stab at explaining how different plants grow and adapt and how their strategies affect their ability to nourish us, but in such a lightweight way that a reader new to these concepts could entirely miss the significance.

Take some of her claims with a grain of salt. Her writing style was engaging and it was hard not to like her by the end geeen the book. Looking forward to getting more fiber in my diet and to get the benefits of going green!

Green for Life

Juicing vegetables is best as it means you absorb far more nutrients from them than when you’re just What I liked about this book was the concept of making green drinks – giving you a choice in-between just eating greens lief they are and juicing them.

Gleaned some fun nutrition-related facts, but unprofessional writing style and contradictory lie made me skeptical of her philosophy.

Still tastes great if you take it easy and it packs a whole lotta nutritional goodness. A good choice for everyone’s personal library. This is the kind of book you pick up from the Library as you can read it quickly and get everything you need from it in one sitting. If you’re trying to eat more healthy and are new to green smoothies, this book has a lot to offer if you can ignore some of the craziness.

We also need salt to live, and all the boutenmo in unrefined sea salt are a good addition to the diet and not unhealthy at all.