Every Tuesday on we take a look at books and authors from mainstream literary fiction that contain aspects of science fiction, fantasy. First published in , In Watermelon Sugar was Richard Brautigan’s third published novel and, according to Newton Smith, “a parable for survival in the 20th. Complete summary of Richard Brautigan’s In Watermelon Sugar. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of In Watermelon Sugar.

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The novel’s narrator, who is left unnamed, claims to be writing an investigative book on his experiences at i DEATH. However, the rebels must have been wrong all along, for eventually they end their rebellion by committing suicide without anybody doing very much to oppose them.

They are especially metafictional elements which problematise the referential function of language itself, and, in this way, construct what could be labeled, using Rosemary Jackson’s terminology, a linguistic fantasy.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The narrator repeatedly tells us that he and the others like living in watermelon sugar, that usgar does suit them; or, in a more defiant vein, “there must be worse lives. She had been the waitress there for years.

In Watermelon Sugar

Says, of In Watermelon Sugar”[T]he pace. Margaret, a collector of such “forgotten things”, is friendly with in BOIL and his followers, who explore the place and make whiskey. I know a river that is only [an] half-inch wide. Sugra 31, Ben Loory rated it it was amazing Recommended to Ben by: I stared at the fingerlings.

He broiled them with mushrooms and a sauce made from watermelon sugar and spices. Goes on to say, “Like many of Brautigan’s works, he asserts his absurd premises with almost aggressive casualness. By the end of June, Brautigan had completed seventeen short chapters for the novel, several a page or less in length.


It is sometimes necessary to go beyond what is said in In Watermelon Sugar and concentrate on what is not said, for that is where the statement seems to lie. Instead of the fruits of Eden, we now have statues of beans, of carrots, of rutabagas, brautjgan grass.

Richard Brautigan > In Watermelon Sugar

The book, though brief, describes an entire society and its way of life, the life of the nameless narrator, and what the book jacket describes as “a story of love and betrayal. Set in the aftermath of a fallen civilization, it focuses on a commune organized around a central gathering house which is named ln DEATH “.

At the extreme, however, one might view life here as being equal with death. The narrator in Brautigan’s novel In Watermelon Sugar comments on his own status in a following way:.

In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan

The walls of the hatchery “went up around the ashes” In the chapter “Statue of Mirrors” the narrator describes the visions that he has in the mirrors and the emptiness that he feels as he stands for hours allowing his mind to drain. Whatever the case, the correspondences between the author’s faults and his narrator’s are too direct to be purely coincidental. The residents know only that “something” is about to happen—for all they know, inBOIL could be plotting to kill them all.

There is also a rogue element led by inBOIL and his friends who live in shacks and make whiskey from forgotten things.

Presumably it wiped itself out. From this title, we could begin a discussion of the novel as a biblical allegory. Oh, and the sun shines a different color every day of the week, so the watermelon sugar is different colors depending on the day it was made.

Why don’t you write a book? A tender community live peacefully in a place called iDEATH sic ; once there were tigers who ate the narrator’s parents and helped him with his sums.


The tigers and how they lived and how beautiful they were and how they talked to me while they ate my parents and how I talked back to them and how they stopped eating my parents though brauhigan did not help my parents any, nothing could help them by then, and we talked for a long time and one of the tigers helped me with my arithmetic, then they told me to go away.

This is a postmodernist construction of reality.

In one brxutigan those instances the narrator speaks of how beautiful the tigers were in the same sentence in which he mentions the fact that they ate his parents; in another, Fred praises Pauline’s good stew and the pleasure he derives from eating it in the same breath that he quietly hints at the displeasure of eating carrots; and in the middle of the whole idyllic scene wafermelon Pauline’s prettiness and pleasant watermelon sugar aroma one is suddenly and unexpectedly told how most of the citizens did not like Margaret anymore because they thought that she might be involved in a conspiracy with inBoil and his gang.

He broiled t In the hippie world life obeys its own laws.

Like many of Brautigan’s works, he asserts his absurd premises with almost aggressive casualness. Watermelons are colored differently depending on which day they were harvested.

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