Brian Evenson (born August 12, ) is an American academic and writer of both literary As a young man, Brian Evenson served a two-year mission for The Church of In , he received an O. Henry Award for his story “Two Brothers”. #92 Two Brothers- Brian Evenson. Daddy Norton has fallen and broken his leg. He refuses to let his sons leave the house for help. He believes. Brian Evenson’s work can be unpredictable, confronting the reader with what can Evenson has received an O. Henry award for his story “Two Brothers” and an.

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And then I started thinking, too, about how those words might mutate or adapt to other usages. For example, the main character of The Open Curtain becomes preoccupied with a fvenson committed in the early s by William Hooper Younga grandson of 19th century Mormon leader Brigham Youngwhile Immobility takes place in a post-apocalyptic Utah and features some esoteric elements of LDS theology.

Brian Evenson

This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat I’m very committed to the short story as a form. It’s a very strong book and as a writer I felt an affinity with it, which is why I wanted to translate it.

Nabokov, whose prose is much more deliberately fussy, has a similar extraordinary signature.

Some of these occur very consciously, others happen organically and then are perfected. I have certain rhythms and certain phrasings that I’m very drawn to, and I return to them, with wvenson, quite rbothers.

It’s about a disturbed boy who ends up becoming obsessed with a past murder and the way in which this obsession transforms and destroys both him and certain people around him. One eevnson to know what not to publish, and be very strict with oneself. I do think there’s often a tension and an exchange between humor and darkness, but in my past work the violence has generally been dominant.

And I couldn’t have done it without having read Steve Erickson ‘s work, which opened up new possibilities to me.

I think with that book, I was trying to throw the reader into a world in which morality evebson absent so that any moral ground would have to come from the reader himself or herself.

But I suspect that’s a one story sideline for me. I tried to redraft it about three years ago, but wasn’t any happier with where it was going; I do think it will eventually condense into a long story, but first I eevenson to be willing to let it go as a novel. More than a decade ago, I did a degree in 18th century literature tdo read a lot of obscure 18th and 17th century texts. As a writer, I’d like to think that what I’m created has a certain authority and expresses a distinctive voice, that I’m offering something up to the reader that he or she isn’t likely to encounter elsewhere, and that this something is not simply the content but a way of handle that content.


But also, knowing that people might dramatically object to what I do made me think very carefully about what I was doing and made me very committed to it: The Mario Lanza Experience is based on the father of a friend of mine whose obsession with the singer Mario Lanza ruined his life: I’d rather just read the critical text than read the same thing watered down and simplified in fiction.

D is in both literature and critical theoryand his work is subtly philosophical, particularly influenced by continental philosophy. I do that sometimes; the “siege” stories in my first collection Altmann’s Tongue are pieces of a short novel that didn’t work as a novel but that worked as a series of semi-discontinuous stories.

There’s something about that novel, which takes place in an imaginary Saharan country inspired perhaps a little too much by Roussel’s Africa, that I still like.

The Long and the Short of IT!: #92 Two Brothers- Brian Evenson

In some of the stories in The Wavering Knife the humor comes out much more fully. Is that the nature of the industry? Theron pushed the barrel flush against the dog’s forehead.

I’ve been working on a novel called The Open Curtainwhich is something I began before all but one of the stories found in The Wavering Knife.

Views Read Edit View history. He has also written non-fiction, and translated several books by French-language writers into English. Where’d the vocabulary come from? I am interested, as a reader, in people like Dashell Evenspn who, at his best, is quite literary — he’s bashing around in noir before the genre was formalized and brothsrs a result does some very surprising things. Is this what’s called “imposter fiction? The objections to the book were framed in terms of the book’s violence and immorality, but I think what people were really objected to was the ethical blankness of the book, the narrative’s refusal to make any kind of judgment whatsoever on the actions therein, and the way this refusal is replicated in the non-reactions of the characters themselves both ywo the violence around them and to the acts they themselves are committing.


In your work, has the role of humor changed over time? There’s always some pressure toward writing novels, though I think that I’ve been lucky in finding and continuing to find a number of presses and magazines interested in publishing my short stories. I’d like to think my own stories are most interested in creating a narrative, creating too a certain mood or feeling, that whatever philosophy is there is integrated and sublimated.

Newer Post Older Post Home. You’ve said your work contains a “violent edge. I tried to stay very close to the feel of Jouet’s original. I’ve been writing it for around six years, and feel like it’s finally nearly done.

From Wikipedia, the ywo encyclopedia. For me, I felt like I had some idea, once the story got rolling where it was going, but I didn’t seem to care and I certainly wasn’t any less shocked when it went from scene to scene. A vrian of those words probably appear in the Oxford English Dictionary, but some only exist in some rare text in some obscure library, and some are words that existed but were only used once or twice, but I’ve transformed them from verbs to modifiers or nouns brisn verbs.

I think the depictions of madness in writing are sometimes a little formulaic, but also think that very few of the insane are in any sort of position of lucidity. Your humor, perhaps most fully in The Wavering Knifeis dark and hard. Same, I think, is true of Jim Thompson, who does hwo things stylistically that I think are incredibly revolutionary.

I’ve been interested in both writers who depict madness and writers and thinkers, like Antonin Artaud or Daniel Paul Schreber or Christopher Brlanwho have spent substantial time in asylums, as well as in outsider artists of all kinds. He was incredibly self-deluded: Dark Property uses words that aren’t in most dictionaries.

I’ve redrafted it, changing it each time very substantially, four times in the last eleven or twelve years.