Politics 36 (1): 19– Beciu, Camelia. Sociologia Comunicării Și a Spațiului Public [Sociology of Communication and Public Space]. Iasi: Polirom. Camelia Beciu Beciu, C () Sociologia comunicării şi a spaţiului public [ Sociologie de la communication et de Sur la sociologie des problèmes publics. Beciu, Camelia. Sociologia comunicării și a spațiului public [The Sociology of Communication and of the Public Sphere]. Iași: Editura.

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Click here to sign up. On November 21,the number of the Facebook users in Romania reached 1,, given that in May1, members were registered.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Our paper focuses on two such cases: No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. With the development of the Facebook users database and the growing involvement of the political actors and their team of communicators in this type of communication by means of social networks, we assume that Facebook will be able to facilitate interaction at the level of large groups as well through the online opinion leaders, which will be investigated in the next parliamentary elections held on December 9, Camdlia Liberal Democratic Party has 26 Facebook pages of politicians or central or local affiliatesfor a total offans.

Sfera Politicii

Within the frame of a critical discourse analysis, the study examines the media representation of the diaspora and of the public from the perspective of discursive strategies specific to identity construction in the contexts of action at a distance: Thus, we shall uncover the mechanism underneath this very productive process of creating online content and meaning. Log In Sign Up.

More than that, another objective of this paper aims to identify similarities between the hypothetical percentages of supporters of political parties in Social Media, sociolotia percentages of accessing the Romanian Parliament and the current political configuration of the Romanian Parliament.

The online cults around showbiz figures are among these phenomena, mobilizing Internet users to put their creativity to work in formulaic ways.

Beyond this, we can state that Facebook has a significant contribution to sociolotia social reconfiguration in Romania in terms of the users who need to create and promote their image in this online community, to complete their group of friends and to interact with new people. They formed the parliamentary group of independents. Analysis of representation in the Parliament of Romania vs. The current political configuration of the Parliament of Romania According to www.


The Research method used is quantitative analysis of the online documents and working tool used is the traffic analysis and the degree of the participation in social networks.

Sociologia comunicarii si a spatiului public by Beciu Camelia on Apple Books

Nowadays, it has become of common practice for the journalists becij give visibility to some statements taken from the blogs or Facebook pages of the politicians. Of the total population in Romania, 8. The DLP popularity obtained in the Social Media correlates with the votes obtained in the elections, so that we can state that a sufficient number of them continue their support in the Social Media also.

Even if the political configuration has changed considerably in the Parliament of Romania, the political party supporters on Facebook is, in percentage, equal to the electoral situation in the parliamentary elections.

As such, Chuck Norris has been circulated during the January sociologla demonstrations, in Romania, as a savior figure — the hero who would save the day — while Fuego was used, recently, in comuniczrii similar process, to explain and account for, metaphorically, the political crisis of June and Julyin some of the online constructions.

Ca,elia other words, this site was created from the perspective of at least five dimensions, as follows: Another aim of the paper requires the identification of any similarities or differences between the percentages of the supporters of the political parties in the Social Media, the electoral percentages of accessing the Parliament of Romania obtained in the parliamentary elections and the political configuration of the Parliament of Romania at the end of the comuincarii session. These percentages emphasize that the NUPR is a group that did not receive the popular vote and does not have the reputation and the reliability of the other parties in the Parliament of Romania yet.

The National Liberal Party PNL is one of the main political parties in Romania, considered a historic party as well, with a significant role in modernizing the country.

The challenges and opportunities of Social Media”, in Business Horizons socuologia 1: Relating to the Facebook groups supporting the six political parties, we find that the total number is of discussion groups, summing 85, members.

The comuincarii shows that certain representations of migrants, which have been naturalized over the years, continue to be reproduced in the political and media sphere, but, in an electoral context, they are differently constituted, especially as regards the migrants’ agency. The political figures most visible in the Social Media, according to the data from www. The Social Liberal Unionthe political alliance that was formed during the parliamentary session, consists of the Social Democratic Party, the National Liberal Party and the Conservative Party, totaling together 71 pages, and the cumulative number of fans is oftaking into account that the Facebook page of the Social Liberal Union has 11, members and supporters from all the three political parties.


The National Union for the Progress of Romania did not participate in the parliamentary elections, but was formed, during the parliamentary session, by the MPs who left other parliamentary parties. Eseu asupra secolului XX. Relating to the Facebook groups supporting the NUPR, we find that the total cimunicarii is of 13 discussion groups, summing 5, members. In other words, the media message is not directly interpreted by the public, but mediated through interpersonal communication and the contact with the opinion leaders.

The Political configuration of the Parliament of Romania after the election According sociologis www. The study aims to examine the extent to which parliamentary parties from Romania are using Social Media to promote their image and political messages, but also the level sociologiia participation of supporters in social networks. The Facebook social network was founded on February 4, and it currently has a number of registered members, countries www. However, remote access to EBSCO’s databases from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if sociologiia purpose of the use is for commercial gain through cost reduction or avoidance for a non-subscribing institution.

The real revolution of the Internet and mass cwmelia through the new media was realized at the beginning of bwciu third millennium when Web 1.

camellia beciu sociologia comunicarii pdf files

This party ruled from December 22, until April 27, Remember me on this computer. Relating to the Facebook groups supporting the SLU, we find that the total number is of 68 discussion groups, summing 63, members. The Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romaniaaccording to the www.