Cancioneiro de Viola Caipira – Vol. 1. Edition: 1. Book condition: Good. Book Description. IRMAOS VITALE, 1. Paperback. Good. E foi em um final de ano, que Tonico e Tinoco partiram de São Paulo para a Cidade de de boas mensagens que se enraizaram em nosso cancioneiro nacional. .. Nesta semana recebi a notícia que a Orquestra de Viola de Guarulhos está.

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In the evenings they stop at a house to rest, which is usually the last house which they visit that day. It was also a popular instrument among ordinary people. Because country music has its base on the poetry founded on romance and is always telling a story that happened or that has a value that alludes to what actually happened or was imagined, when this music was taken to the radio it brought cancoineiro listeners the history, the values and the reality of that peasant, keeping him rooted, albeit far from his roots.

The merger that took place during that period in the Iberian Peninsula was such that around the thirteenth century the Latin guitar was brought into the Iberian Peninsula. It is interesting to note that in every town we visited we had the opportunity to meet another “best violist in the world”.

In Portugal, back in the fifteenth century and especially from the sixteenth century onward, the instrument under the current name of viola is widespread by the people, at least in the western zones.

Normally this violist believes that the art of playing the viola well and is a gift that should not be passed on to just anyone. Like the acoustic guitar, it has a belly, a neck and a tuning peg. In the Middle Ages the Arabs experienced the most exuberant period of their culture. Os instrumentos musicais e vkola viagens dos portugueses.

Brazilian five-course guitar, Brazilian music, Popular culture, Brazil’s history.

The stigma then arises of the backward peasant, that does not evolve, and so the rural man introduces himself in the city as the expression of ridicule. O caipira e a viola brasileira. In a first stage, part of the duets was not formed exactly by peasants, and the search for new artists led urban musicians like Raul Torres d focus their production on country music. This element has certainly helped craft the violist that he became. Finally, further research is necessary, since little has been studied about tunings, except their cataloguing.


New times The s were the most fruitful years for the instrument.

Cancioneiro de Viola Caipira – Vol. 1

caaipira A Twelfth Night celebration usually involves the entire community, especially when it ends its tour of the city and gathers in the local church. In Portugal there was also a proliferation of chordophones: The Arabic lute and the Latin guitar are cancioneiiro ancestors of the vihuelas in Spain and the hand violas in Portugal.

At this point, the text merits an explanation about the different ways the viola is played tin Northeast and Southeast Brazil: Editora da UFG, This article deals a little with its origin and its relations with the Brazilian people throughout the years.

The flute is a melodic instrument, as it plays one tune at a time; the harmonic instrument, in turn, can play multiple tunes at the same time. It is important to remember that the violin, as far as we know, descends from the rabelrebabe, an instrument also brought by the Arabs. Os parceiros do Ve Bonito. In sacred and profane rites, the viola has won its place within the peasant culture.

It coexists with the urban guitar, but took refuge in the backlands; it is musically Arcadianism, like many other linguistic Arcadianisms, that the people maintain alive with the unconscious power of their ingrained traditionalism. Some meetings of violists have helped, each in their region, to coalesce attention around the viola.

A month later Cornelius had recorded six 40 different albums, totaling thirty thousand copies. Magic tricks involving rattlesnakes, vipers and other types of snakes are commonplace. Interestingly, in the Southeast it was such a success that its player became a very important person in the community where he lived.

And our current viola, which is essentially the same as the sixteenth century viola, would thus have as it prototype and distant ancestor the Latin guitar or the Archpriest of Hita, i.

The violist Gradually the viola became one of the main voices of the expressions of Brazilian peasants, at least in the areas already mentioned such as the Central-Southeast and part of the Northeast. Proof of that is the number of rhythms found in what we caipiea as country music. Interestingly, we will see a change in the narrated theme that is closer to reality and the introduction of the human element in the western interior of the country.

Throughout the process of legitimizing the viola as a Brazilian instrument, it has, one way or the other, been linked to the rural area, even when it was an urban instrument in the eighteenth viila nineteenth centuries.


The viola, in turn, regardless of the number of strings, which range between five and fifteen, always maintains the idea of the five courses, which can be single, double, triple or even mixed. The lack of a systematic methodology for teaching the viola has led each violist to develop their csncioneiro way of playing.

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Gradually the viola became the voice of this people from the backlands of Southeastern and Central-Western Brazil. In Spain and later in Europe, calpira acoustic guitar gained ground and quickly became the most widely used plucked string instrument. Other musicologists viloa this hypothesis due to the lack of primary sources documenting the usage. Throughout the Southeast Region there has been a proliferation of viola orchestras.

There are many violists who played their music all over Brazil. In Spain, along with the vihuelas came the Moorish guitar and the baroque guitar, the treble 9 and closer to us in time, the acoustic guitar. And playing skills are often associated with the result of some pact. Editora da Universidade Federal Fluminense, Today we find various specimens of woods used in the manufacture of violas, although the most usual model is the one with pinewood top and rosewood sides and bottom.

In his research, carried out in part through studies on literary production in Rio de Janeiro in the nineteenth century, shows how the viola gradually became an instrument used by the lower classes. Another custom is trapping images of the devil inside small caipura and using some magical tricks to increase his power over the instrument.

Raul Torres’s recordings, besides the guitar and the viola, feature violins, flutes, the tuba, the Hawaiian ukulele and even the triangle, the latter an instrument used in the emboladas poems accompanied by music in rapid intervals once sung by Raul Torres.

Philipe de Caverel in his embassy’s report to Lisbon in mentions the ten thousand guiterres – which seems to be undoubtedly to be violas – which apparently accompanied the Portuguese in their journey to Alcazarquivir, and that would have been found in the spoils of D. Rio de Janeiro,