The NATO Handbook is published by the NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division under the authority of the Secretary General as a reference book on the. Alliance . This Operations Planning handbook is aimed at helping ISSMI students in getting more Planning Course Handbook: 1. Management (CCIRM) process. Requirements Management (CCIRM), mission tasking, mission planning, sensor control and “Handbook for Air Reconnaissance Tasking and Reporting”.

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Western governments tend to have creative tension among their law enforcement and national security organizations, foreign-oriented versus domestic-oriented organizations, and public versus private interests. Asset recruiting Cell system Covert action Direct action Operational techniques. In addition, collection should be affected by the needs of policymakers and operators. Each intelligence source has different characteristics that can be used, but which may also be limiting.

Carl Von Clausewitz – On War – By contrast, law enforcement’s business is the prosecution of cases, and if law enforcement is to make a case, it must be prepared to reveal how it knows what it knows.

Clandestine collection entails many more risks than the technical collection disciplines. It is a continuous process that coordinates and integrates the efforts of all collection units and agencies.

The bulk of U. There is an opposition between law enforcement and intelligence, because the two entities are very different.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. After the action, the actor observes again, to see the effects of the action. There should be no prohibition other than those based on policy on the intelligence community collecting information against foreign persons or entities. A distinct intelligence officer is often entrusted with managing each level of the process. Archived from the original on Ccurm Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Nato ccirm handbook

Even though hhandbook material presented gives key information and recommendations, and assumptions for these interpretations are given, the context ” They may share, for example, a technical capability for cover and forgery, and require secret logistical support. Policy-makers—the president, his aides, the National Security Counciland other major departments and agencies of government—initiate requests for intelligence.

  EDS 3446-3 PDF

The same should hold for any Defense Ccirrm personnel involved in intelligence activity overseas. Intelligence is oriented toward the future and seeks to inform policy-makers. Especially in nations with advanced technical sensors, there is an interaction between budgeting and technology.

Except in rare circumstances, the intelligence community does not need to confirm through intelligence what is already readily available. The covert burglary—the Japanese did not catch the OSS team, so were not certain who committed it—caused the Japanese to change cryptosystems, invalidating the clandestine work of the hanfbook.

Nato ccirm handbook

These needs are then used to guide collection strategies and the production of appropriate intelligence products [6] “. The question of what to do with the information, however, should be put before policymakers if it raises foreign policy concerns. National organizations intended for foreign operations, or military support, should operate within the home country only under specific authorization and when there is no other way to achieve the desired result There have been failures to protect the intelligence process itself from opposing intelligence services.

To the extent long-term estimates are produced, it is important that they be concise, written by individuals, and that sources justifying conclusions be shown as they would in any academic work. Intelligence is processed information.

Collection planning matches anticipated collection requirements with collection capabilities at multiple organizational levels e. A major problem, in several aspects of the enhanced cycle, is stovepiping or silos. Intelligence analysis Military intelligence Intelligence assessment. This may not be “open source” in the sense of being published, but can be reliably bought from research firms that may not have the overhead of all-source security. Issues for Congress[13] for one policy review.

Intelligence cycle management – Wikipedia

The Intelligence Community in the 21st Century”. While it is valuable to point out consensus, it is more important that areas of dispute be highlighted than that all agencies be pressured to reach a conclusion that may represent a lowest common denominator. British actions in Northern Ireland, and against terror groups ccirj Gibraltar and elsewhere, have been criticized, as have French actions against Greenpeace. Because intelligence strives to protect its sources and methods, intelligence officials seek to stay out of the chain of evidence so they will not have to testify in court.


Contrary to widespread impressions, one problem with the clandestine services has been a lack of initiative brought about by a fear of retroactive discipline and a lack of high-level support. Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Eventually, if the Boyd process works as intended, the actor will “get inside the opponent’s loop”. Once the intelligence effort has been planned, it can then be directed, with orders and requests issued to intelligence collection agencies to provide specific types of intelligence inputs.

Finally, the idea that decision-makers wait for the delivery of intelligence before making policy decisions is equally incorrect. If the project is a group effort, differences among participants need to be sharpened and acknowledged. After considerable debate, the U.

When the actor’s Boyd cycle dominates the opponent’s, the actor is acting repeatedly, based on reasoned choices, while the opponent is still trying to determine what is happening. Experience has shown that high level government needs to be aware of both clandestine and covert field activities in order to prevent them from interfering with one another, and with secret activities that may not be in the field. Consumers give the intelligence organization broad directions, and the highest level sets budgets.

However, it is in long-term analysis of familiar subjects and broad trends where secret information tends to be less critical and government analysts are, for the most part, no better and often not as good as their counterparts in academia and the private sector. One of the strengths of the British penetration of the German Enigma cryptosystem was that no information learned from it was ever used for operations, unless there was a plausible cover story that ccigm Germans believed was the reason for Allied victories.

In rare cases, intelligence is taken from such extremely sensitive sources that it cannot be used without exposing the methods or persons providing such intelligence. One term of art is that the sponsor has “plausible deniability.