Understanding Psychrometric Charts, Mechanical (HVAC) Courses from Mid Career College. MCC has been providing training for building services. The Psychrometric charts provide a graphical representation of the thermodynamic properties of moist air using the data contained in CIBSE Guide C. The. A practical introduction to psychrometry and the use of the psychrometric chart as a design tool. KS20 is essential reading for those involved in designing and.

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These particular data in Figure 2 have been laid out in terms of the percentage occurrence of coincident pairs of dry-bulb temperature and moisture content. Figure 7 — Psychrometry of Mixing Air Streams.

This is the nominal air pressure at sea level. This article will explain how to set this up, and explore some first examples of application. The chart is now a tool that not only allows examination of the properties of air but also clearly includes the dimension of time. On the next post, I will look at how to represent air with a particular set of properties on the chart.

While doing so, the data were multiplied by to remove the decimal places. The chart was later refined by others in the US, including the famous Willis Carrier at the beginning of the 20th century, by which time the uncertainties of wet bulb temperature measurement were well understood.

These psychromehric can also be usefully employed to examine the properties of other psychrometrjc mixtures — as might be found, for example, in controlled specialist environments. If molecules of water vapour were to be continually added to a volume of static air for example, from a room humidifier then at some point the air would not be able to support any more molecules — the air is said to be saturated at that point and any further water molecules added will simply condense out.

When using the Psychrometric Chart for plotting cycles that include both latent and sensible change the individual processes are simplified to straight lines. A future article will combine these processes to examine system psychrometry.

The outline of the chart is as shown in Figure 1 and it may be used for individual rooms or processes as well as describing the changes to properties that take place in a complete air handling system. It is a graphical representation that shows properties of air at 1 atmosphere pressure This moderating effect becomes more obvious as the averaging period psychrometrlc lengthened for example, if a monthly or seasonal average temperature is considered. Posted by The Gibbons Group at On the curved edge of the chart there are scales for wet bulb temperatures and specific volume with the specific enthalpy scale drawn in steps.


Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. The molecular mass of water vapour is 18 and so the specific gas constant may be obtained from Adding up the hour columns to the left of the -3 o C column comes to about one occasion ie one hour period when the temperature falls below -3 o C over the average year.

Figure 3 — Psychrometry of Sensible Cooling. The designer whether aware of it or not will already be applying frequency-based weather data when undertaking any building load analysis, even when calculating a simple steady state building heat loss.

There may also be some concerns as to the effect of climate change on future, predicted values based on historic data. Modelling software will use weather data as made available to it such as the CIBSE Test Reference Year 1 and will attempt to calculate loads across the operational period.

The form of the psychrometric chart has changed little from the early versions — the most visually significant alteration being the changes in the units to SI for the CIBSE Chart, see Figure 2. In this case chatt can be readily seen that by increasing the design wet bulb by 1K to 21 o C maintaining the dry bulb design at 28 o Cthe spychrometric would operate within its capabilities for about an extra 10 data points above that of the current condition.

This may be achieved, for example, with a heater battery made up from rows of hot water or steam coils, or electric resistance heaters or as the result of some heat recovery mechanism such as a flat plate heat recovery device.

This combined process will produce an off coil temperature somewhat higher than that of the actual temperature of the coil known as the Apparatus Dew Point, ADP and shown as point X on Figure 5.

Module 23: Travelling into time with psychrometry

The Psychrometric Chart The psychrometric chart is a very useful tool that can unlock the mystery surrounding the properties of air. As with any gas, the moving molecules of water vapour in the air exert a pressure. The process that would typically result from a steam humidifier almost pure latent heating is psychromettic in Figure 4 — it can reasonably be considered as a vertical line following a constant dry-bulb temperature.

We apologise for pwychrometric. However, the application of the data becomes far more accessible, both visually and analytically, when it is superimposed onto a psychrometric chart.

When calculating room heating loads using winter design conditions from the CIBSE Guide 2 the selected external temperature would be based on historic weather data as well as a knowledge of the building thermal inertia. Where two air streams combine adiabatically as they normally would the resulting air will have a psychrometric state that is related to the proportions of each of the combining air mass flowrates. A photo-enlarged chart or a specific area from the chart produced by computer software will cibsd the resolution.


But, more importantly, this data or, if available, the numeric data used to create this graph, may be used cbse see how many hour periods have a hourly averaged temperature below the bin of -3 o C. For a cooling coil to provide sensible psychromtric only and no latent cooling the coil surface temperature must be greater than the dew-point temperature of the air.

Module 3: The properties of air – CIBSE Journal

Water vapour H 2 O constitutes about 0. Also on the vertical axis is the continuation of the specific enthalpy scale. Through the incorporation of appropriate weather data, a psychrometric chart can provide the tool to undertake such checks.

The data can also be used to establish how frequently the selected design values are likely to be exceeded. Immediately, looking at the chart, the data are transformed into a form that allows quick visual evaluations of conditions without any formal calculations. To explore the calculations associated chrt the processes discussed so far consider the cooling coil shown in Figure 8, where all the data has been read off a CIBSE Psychrometric chart.

The atmospheric pressure will alter with both weather and location and so the relative effect of the vapour pressure will also change. The data have been taken from Figure 2 and added to the outline chart as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 1 — Outline Psychrometric Chart. Glaisher had problems reliably determining the wet bulb temperature — these problems arose from the differences between screen and sling wet bulb temperatures. So, to take the yellow highlighted data as an psychromftric, over a year it might be expected that the dry bulb temperature of between These measurements may be undertaken in a number of ways including the Sling Psychrometer see Figure 1 and the Aspirated Hygrometer.

The first step is to become familiar with the chart.

This is indicated in Figure 7 as air stream A mixing with air stream B to produce mixed air at condition M. A bounding envelope has been added to the psychrometric data in Figure 4 to emphasise the most frequently occurring psychrometric conditions.