Titled The Clavicle of Solomon, revealed by Ptolomy the Grecian. Dated , making it one of the earliest manuscripts of the Key of Solomon. Clavicula Salomonis: The Clavicles of Solomon – Kindle edition by King Solomon , Tarl Warwick. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. Posts about The True Clavicles of Solomon written by grimoires.

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Heare beginneth the rubrice of y e 2 d Book. And of which among others you will need a sword for forcing, controlling, driving out, and repudiating the impure spirits, and for commanding the pure and divine spirits.

Sigilla, ony [figure] nomina Angelorum geminorum Surtgateriel. Sanctify, O Lord our God, our humble entry herein, thou zolomon blessed and holy one of the eternal ages! The first chapters of howres, how artes and clzvicles be completed. Characters of the said Angels. To give some sense of the state of these pentacles I have included many examples in my editions of L and L Experiment concerning things stolen In F, this section appears at the very end of the manuscript, after the description of the pentacles.

Names of the angels which attend before the face of God. Then take such a needle as followethand pricke the Becke under the right winge, and take the bloud in some cleane vessell, and say, Adonay, araton, Ossy, heloy, heloe, helyon, esseryon, Saday, deus dominus, inenarrabilis emanuel. But lcavicles that this Science is not a Science of argument and open reasoning, but that, on the contrary, it is entirely mysterious and occult, we clxvicles not argue and deliberate over these matters, and it is sufficient to believe firmly to enable us to bring into operation that which hath already been taught.

The Clavicle of Solomon, revealed by Ptolomy the Grecian. (Sloane )

Note What is to be done and prepared first. The mystic alphabet known as the ‘Writing of Malachim’ is formed clsvicles the positions of the stars in the heavens, by drawing imaginary lines from one star to another so as to obtain the shapes of the characters of this alphabet.

And with the soresayd coniured [59v] salt, ye must salt the skinne, and put solkmon into the sonne so salted, for the space of a day, then take some earthen vessell covered and in the compasse of the vessell, write these Carecters, with pen and Inke aboue coniured.

Ye shall finde experiments my childe to finde Theft, prepared how be it should be, either by the invocation of y e art of spirits, either in writinge the carects [characters] or by other wayes, if in such an experiment, the day and the howre be not that is attributed to such experiment as it is sayd before of howres, and afterward ye ought to doe that, y t followeth in the experiment to finde theft, when y t is prepared, that ye will haue, say in your heart this oration of greecke.


A Bath is necessary in artes, if ye will doe any art, the last day of preparation of your art all thinges necessary, the poyntes and the dayes prepared, with a good faith, to a quick fountayne, or a runninge flud, ot to a place hauinge before hott clagicles with in your chamber and doe off, all your clothes, and say, these Psalmes. I order thee to ask of Him whatsoever thou desirest.

The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon (Les Veritables Clavicules de Salomon) (Abognazar) (EXCERPTS)

Make a small image of yellow wax, in the form of a man, clavickes the month January and in the day and hour of Saturn, and at that time write with a needle above the crown of its head and upon its skull which thou shalt have adroitly raised, the character following: I imagine the word to mean ‘Lord so,omon Life. Baltazar, Iapher, Melchior [i. It is rather a late Jewish adaptation of a Latin or Italian Clavicula text. This chapter was omitted by Mathers, who considered it unworthy of the rest of the text.

Titled Zekerboni compare “Zecorbenei” in Ad. And leave there for a period of forty days, a lamp, burning day and night. It is true that the Mathers edition would not be considered critical by modern standards of scholarship but Waite’s editions of various esoteric texts leave far more to be desired clavicle Mathers’.

Aub24 continues with “De experimento Gratiae et Impetrationis” the experiment of gratitude and favouri. After you have donne in the East and South, then say to the West and North parts. And if ye ought to wright any other thinge in the apple or frute, let it be written with a needle or a poyntell such as we speake ofand ye shall worke upon such an oration as it is sayd, after such experiments of love be made in lookinge onely the sight and the secrets of women, let such experiments be made and prepared in howres attribuated unto love, if ye doe as it is sayd, and if ye prepare such experiments they shall appeare very sure.

Regarding the expression ‘night,’ understand the night following, and not the night preceding the aforesaid days, 15 for indeed they are creatures of darkness who hate the light.

We will hereafter show thee the method and manner of preparing the aforesaid place, of perfuming it with scents and sweet xlavicles, and of sprinkling it with the water and water-sprinkler of magical art; for all these things contain many good properties, and innumerable virtues, clavlcles experience will easily teach thee.


Of certayne bloud necessary in artes and experiments. Note that Abognazar switches the characters around the circumference. Of the light, and of the fire. The herbs of the planets. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Some of the proliferation of weapons is no doubt due to errors in transcription and translation. Figure 32, from Sl. I pray god the Father that gaue me knowledge of such thinges, if it be deliuered into mens handes foolishly, that such silomon secretts that he purposeth to doe, may never come to passe, and soe be it.

Of Caracters to be written, how they should be wrought.

Oh Eternal Being of Beings, sanctifier of all, bless and consecrate this incense, so that its smoke rises to you, that you may hear and favorably grant my prayers. Come ye, come ye, angels of Darkness; come hither before this circle without fear, c,avicles, or deformity, to execute our commands, and be ye ready both to achieve and to complete all that we shall command ye.

The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon,

Whensoever ye worke, with the bloud of birdes, or of beasts, of whatsoever kinde ye take the bloud, the wordes aforesaid must be sayd over the sayd [58v] byrdes or beastes as over the becke, and ye must slay the birdes or beaste with Artano aforsaid coniured, and if ye worke otherwise, the bloud of eyther byrde or beast shall not compleate the worke.

After that, wrap the aforementioned penknife in a piece of taffeta of various colors, and properly preserve it solomob use when needed. Afterwards bury the experiment in the crossroad, then complete the experiment [and you will see the truth].

Similarly, it is sometimes necessary to have a clean burner to put the fire for the incense. Aub24, Ad, Ad, and Sl are all closer to the purported meaning: Lettres divines de Mercure. And after having sprinkled and perfumed it, say the following oration with much attention: If ye come promptly and voluntarily, ye shall claviicles our perfumes, and our suffumigations of pleasant odour, which will be both agreeable and delightful unto ye.