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A Gossamer Threads company. Mailing List Archive GT. Summary of Python tracker Issues [ In reply to ]. Do NOT respond to this message.

IBM, Samsung initiate new 20nm research scheme

Issues counts and deltas: Function calls missing from profiler output http: Multiprocessing logging under Windows http: Condition is not a class http: Two improvements for the locale aliasing engine http: LWPCookieJar breaks on cookie values with a newline http: Figure out extended attributes on BSDs http: Font object not usable as font option http: Check signed arithmetic overflow in. Using getrandbits in uuid. Control what module is imported first http: Expose a private accumulator C API http: Expose nanosecond precision from system calls http: Add a debugging howto http: IDLE 3 crashes processing byte strings with invalid hex escape http: Stop documenting functions added by site as builtins http: Expose zlibVersion to query runtime version of zlib http: Recommended location of the interpreter for Python 3 http: Add cram function to textwrap http: Make visiblename and allmethods functions public http: New module for terminal utilities http: Cmd example using turtle left vs.

List behavior is different http: Add ‘ChainMap’ to collections.


Joe Danens – Google+

Python bit build on HP Itanium – Executable built successfu http: Python build finished, but the necessary bits to build these m http: Memory leak with CTypes Structure http: Remove documentation in distutils2 repo http: Frozen programs require the original build directory filethpe order http: Allow keyword argument in str.

Jke more generic when identifying the Windows main dir in insta http: Refactor the dis module to provide better building blocks for http: State of PEP or How does distutils2 handle namespaces? Connection endianness issue http: Bug in equivalent code for itertools.

Resource is not released before returning from the function http: Add –remove-source option http: Handling of paths in first argument of imp.

RLock support the filettype manager protocol but this is not doc http: Infinite recursion in curses. Add Capsule migration documentation to “cporting” http: Distutils tries to handle null versions but fails http: Thread not working for python 2.

IOError “bad message le http: Decimal module danems incorrect results when Python compiled w http: Introspection generator and function closure state http: IOError ‘[Errno 2 http: Port codecs and error handlers to the new Unicode API http: IDLE refuses danenw open on windows 7 http: Getting a buffer from a Unicode array uses invalid format http: Improve documentation of locale encoding functions http: PEP contains dead links http: Bad links to ‘time’ in datetime documentation http: Unclear behavior of daemon threads on main thread exit http: Do not assume signed integer overflow behavior http: Hybrid help text formatter http: Handle version incompatibilities in dependencies http: Unexpected behavior of imp.

Fix file descriptor leak on error http: Crash in Windows with unknown cause http: Need Programming FAQ entry for the behavior of closures http: Module Doc viewer closes when browser window closes on Windows http: Please elaborate on how 2.


Text width in optparse.

Default nosigint option to filtype. Pdb prevents use in non-main http: Out of date links in the sidebar of the documentation index of http: IDLE accepts, then crashes, on invalid key bindings.

Improve the robustness of “pydoc -k” in the face of broken mod http: Queue’s put not atomic thread wise http: Bug in the verson comparison http: All pysetup commands should respect exit codes http: Broken link in “SSL wrapper for socket objects” document http: Wrong datetime format in PEP http: Can’t open new window in python http: C BufferedReader seek is inconsistent with UnsupportedOperat http: Wrong error message on class instance, when giving too little http: Add “Running a Build Slave” page to the devguide http: FD leak in urllib2 http: FD leaks in ZipFile.

Global Module Index link in the offline documentation is incor http: Writing a pyc file is not atomic http: Most of Python’s startup time is sysconfig http: Build Python outside the source directory http: Integrate stringbench in the Tools directory http: Regular expressions with 0 to repetitions raises Overflo http: Default values for string.

IDLE uses common tkinter variables across all editor windows http: Doc that collection mutation methods return item or None http: PEP implementation http: Using type as a constructor doesn’t support new class keywor http: Add support for other HTTP methods in urllib.

Optimize finding the max character width http: FileIO uses a quadratic-time buffer growth algorithm http: Trying to install a binary extension as a resource file causes http: