Dalam konteks inilah buku Dari Puncak Bagdad Sejarah Dunia Versi Islam dapat dilihat. Seperti yang tertulis di sampul belakang buku. Over 1 million books & FREE* Delivery. Discounts up to 50%! Malaysia’s No.1 Online Bookstore with retail chains throughout Malaysia specializing in books. Dari puncak Bagdad: sejarah dunia versi Islam / Item Description: Original title : Destiny disrupted: a history of the world through Islamic eyes. ISBN.

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Kesimpulan-kesimpulannya di luar dugaan: Why had God forsaken them? View all 3 comments. Bagi saya, penulis memang menumpahkan ideologinya dalam penulisan.

Meluruskan Sejarah Islam Dari Puncak Bagdad

Even the world that wants to see Islam, using Western literature is sometimes laden with bad interpretations of Islam, dunua people who use windows to enter a house. A His I’m a major history buff. The history of Islam and the worlds muslims brings together diverse peoples, geographies, and states, all interwoven into one narrative that begins with Muhammad and continues until this day.

Momentum hijrah dijadikan sebagai tahun nol antara lain untuk mengingatkan perpindahan besar-besaran yang dilakukan umat Muslim dalam membangun peradaban baru di Madinah. Membaca buku ini seolah diingatkan kembali ke kontribusi dunia Duniia dalam membentuk dunia. Mengupas sejarah Islam tentang tak bisa dipisahkan dari jazirah Arab. Within this area the drama and tragedies of civilization played out, only occasionally interrupted by incursions from the outside, such as the catastrophic invasions of the Mongols or the nuisance of the Franji Franks, i.


I can see myself reading this again as its so informative. Kajian ini marak sebagai sebuah langkah preventif, dan juga evaluatif. Coba ingat, sejarah apa yang Anda pelajari di sekolah menengah. Setelah menyusuri bab demi bab, mulai dari Arab pra-Islam, kedatangan Islam, penyebaran Islam yang massif sejak masa Khulafaur Rasyidin, hingga masa dinasti dan kerajaan… Islam telah membangun peradaban yang berkilau baghdd gemilang.

Simply put this book is an essential part of any attempt to understand the modern pkncak and especially the modern Muslim world. Kali terakhir saya benar-benar menekuni buku sejarah ialah ketika mengambil STPM tahun dan ketika itu saya atas pilihan sendiri mengambil subjek Sejarah. Tak perlu sepanjang teori kaos efek kupu-kupu, tapi memang jarang terungkap dan diungkap oleh metode pembelajaran kurikulum industri.


In this book, Tamim from Afghanistan is exploring the growth of Islam. I do not think it would be a stretch to say that this book has changed my world view. Puncal unabridged production runs approximately The error that the popular media of West made with regards to the Arab Spring is very similar to the error that we’ve been making all along: Ansary juga mengungkapkan benang merah yang membentuk ekspresi umat Islam pada saat ini, akibat dari tekanan-tekanan yang diterima sepanjang sejarah.

The Umayyads, Abbasids, and Ottomans feature in the story, as do Muslim Spain, the savannah kingdoms of West Africa and the Mughal Empire, along with the later European colonization of Muslim lands and the development of modern nation-states in the Muslim world. This book fits neatly as a grand narrative of Islam and helps to set contemporary events and worldviews into a historical context.

Ansary gained prominence in after he penned a widely circulated e-mail that denounced the Taliban and called on the United States to bring political change to Afghanistan. In this book a lot of obscure places and people go rushing by, like a speeded up film, like a boiling river. Buku ini buku sejarah, buku versi terjemahan dalam Bahasa Indonesia pula.

They came to the conclusion — some of them, that is — that they had to modernise. Oh rupa-rupanya saya sudah lama memiliki buku ini. View all 28 comments.

At the start of the book, Ansary tells the reader that we should think of this tale very much as “a story,” as if we met him in a cafe and this is the tale that he, as an astute and knowledgeable historian, might tell us eari tea.

I believe there is an English version of this book since the one i read is translated one. Tidak mengherankan jika karya ini juga memiliki pesona tersendiri untuk dibaca dan dinikmati. I’m not sure I can adequately describe it in a review — it is indeed a history of the world, as well as a history of Islam, from the days of the Prophet Mohammed, following through to the fractured and complex present.


In my opinion, the author wrote it in a kind of Wikipedia style, in terms of neutrality. Disitulah mulainya era kekhalifahan sejak 11 — 4o Hijriah.

New Books by Subjects – October – The University of Malaya Library

Tamim Ansary, penulis buku Dari Puncak Bagdag. Ketika Arnold Toynbee di pekan itu, seseorang telah memberitahu beliau tentang seorang anak kecil pencinta sejarah yang terkenal di pekan itu.

Jul 22, Afnan Neyaz rated it really liked it. The book is called lost because it includes many historical events, personalities that are unfairly unnoticed by Modern say Western Society. Over the last 1, years, a succession of Muslim polities and empires expanded to control territories and peoples stretching from southern France to East Africa and South East Asia.

Tamim Ansary writes in a chatty, slangy, motormouth style. One thing is clear though as long as the rulers and people followed the teachings of Islam they saw massive successes in every field but when they indulged in selfish gains and petty politics it ended in chaos for them and their people.

That there is no need for this complex machinery of priestly intercession. Sebab sering kali buku sejarah dituturkan berbelit.

Lists with This Book. Not against others, but against the generation of Islam itself. Pengakuan ini membingungkan karena sebuah kejadian penting di satu belahan bumi, tidak selalu harus diikuti kejadian penting lain di belahan bumi lainnya. Thorough overview of Islamic history made approachable to outsiders. It is a pleasing fact to know the fact that the African Muslim who were made slave in America were well educated compared to non-Muslim African islma.