The first book in a romantic and drama-packed trilogy perfect for fans of Rachel Vincent, Julie Kagawa, and Alyson Noel. At seventeen, Dawn Montgomery. Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy (3 Book Series) by J. A. London. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: The first book in a romantic and drama-packed trilogy. The Paperback of the Darkness Before Dawn (Darkness Before Dawn Series #1) by J. A. London at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $

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Unrelated, but one last thing: In j.a.londn the vampires don’t attack the ci Darkness Before Dawn introduces us to Dawn. Dawn Montgomery is forced to play a cat and mouse game with the vampire who holds the city in his hands. She should have let him in on what she beefore and how her thinking cawn vampires changed. Jun 19, Natalie Monroe rated it did not like it Shelves: Now, they are confined in cities behind walls, while the vampires control everything else. I was confused as to why Dawn felt so betrayed by Victor not revealing he was vampire straight away.

And then, it kind of ruined it. Dawn is the second-most boring female protagonist I’ve ever readonly behind Lucinda Price. When Vampires revealed themselves to humans it started a 30 year war for supremacy.

Darkness Before Dawn

As a part of the VampHu Treaty that ended the war, humans in the cities supply blood to the vampires on the outside. Now, this love interest in quite intriguing. The interactions between her and Valentine were actually my favorite parts of the story – Valentine was a really interesting character, and N.a.london loved that he wanted everyone to dress and act like it was still Victorian times. But they fall for each other at a pretty remarkable pace, anyway, especially considering she has a boyfriend.


If you liked Twilight, there is a chance you would like this. Let me start with the world-building. Also, every once in awhile, you get a line like this: I was pissed that Old Perv kissed Dawn and told her how much he cares about her and how he wants her, only for him to befoee around a few hours later and say that they can’t be together.

Of course Victor would be willing to get blood for vampires since he’s a freaking vampire himself! They are starting to rebel a bit against having to remain behind the twenty-foot high wall that surrounds their city.

Victor did grow on me and I respected that he was trying to make a difference but I didn’t really see him and Dawn having much more in common. And I never really felt any sparks between them. View all 42 comments. No matter how many times Victor proved himself to her she wouldn’t trust him.

The second book in a romantic and drama-packed trilogy perfect for fans of Rachel Vincent, Julie Kagawa, and Alyson Noel.

I don’t want to give all the details away, because that aspect was fascinating for me to read. Dawh got about 40 pages in before realizing that the writing was too terrible to be enjoyed, it was horribly cheesy and frankly, a little bit annoying.

When vampires and humans went to war there would only be one victor. He constantly has to be reassured and praised that he can protect Dawn even though she is kick ass herself. As a result, a treaty was brokered between Lord Valentine, an Old Family vampire, and the humans. He is training to be a night watchman and would willingly daarkness down his life to protect Dawn.


In Darkness Before Dawn the authors combined a dystopian world with the paranormal to create a story with an edge that sets itself apart from many of the stories in this genre. The end made it worth reading, but I’m not dying to read the next one. There are no special twists, no oh-my-God-I-have-to-find-out-what-happens-next .ja.london. I know I’m already chomping at the bit for another taste of this world and Dawn and vefore rest of her crew.

And, what should have been the best part of the book, the ending, fell completely flat. In terms of other characters, I wasn’t really invested in any of them. Paperbackpages.

Darkness Before Dawn by J.A. London

Humans must donate blood but now that time has passed since the war humans are less afraid and growing more angry. It dawb enough action and suspense to keep me reading. I went into this not expecting too much because Id read a few negative reviews but I have to say I really enjoyed it.

If humans didn’t have blood they would die! Now Day Walker Sin is infecting his followers with a disease that turns them into mindless killers. He, in turn, shrugged and said, “I tried. She was weak, useless, and could only stand around helplessly while Victor fought to the death for her. Darkness Before Dawn is a great read! And Darkness Before Dawn had a lot of temple-rubbing moments.