Model Specifications. Manufacturer(s). Datron. Instrument Model: Description: Autocal Multifunction Calibrator. Instrument Type(s). Calibrator. Application. Find great deals for DATRON AUTOCAL Multifunction Calibrator as Is. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Datron | Sale | Rental | Lease – Calibrator. Datron Calibrator. Contact us for pricing and availability. Description; Options.

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Many controllers assign a single programming instruction to a complete sequence, so it is advisable to study the available controller capabilities carefully before atiemping to program a system.

OA, Hi and Lo terminals fused at 3.


To allow the same value to be set on the DC Voitage source for each range, the shunts may be of five decade values. Disconnect from the shunt 5. Set to its AC lOmV range. Carry out the DC Voltage performance checks I. Polarity signs and overrange digit displayed. Adjust the output to dateon a null at the Calibration Standard value, and press the Cal key to execute 44700 calibration.

The selected Voltage and Frequency exceeds the internal constraints.

Datron Instruments (FLUKE) equipment for sale at Used-Line

High voltage when not in HV state. Any five frequency values within the range of the instrument can be stored in volatile memory. If the distortion specification is to be verified, the measurement equipment must be selected with care. For the alternative method at Appendix 3, a set of calibrated AC Current Shunts of suitable value and accuracy. Select the required Calibration Interval Rear Panel switch.


When, transferred into guard, it chops tiie Master Reference voltage. Two examples are given below. Testing should only be performed by qualified technicians.

LED Check fatron commences: Carry out the checks in the order listed in Table 3 Resistance on the Verification Report Sheet, to minimize waiting time for thermal stabilization.

Datron – General Calibrators

Use conductors with a good margin of cun’cnt-carryiiig capacity. Exponent value The first of the three bytes is always or Because the value is never greater than 9, the second byte is always 0, and the ddatron is a single decimal digit.

If the zero output is to be regarded as absolute Laboratory Reference Zero, then AFTER range gain, calibration its range zero output may be datrob to a null across the Hi and Lo Sense terminals. Notice that numerical data is reduced to a standard form, and scaled by means of an exponent in base Referto Section vatron page The IEEE Interface provides a comprehensive remote programming capability, allowing programmed calibration of the itself.


There can be xatron errors. Do not connect null detector to shunt yet Preferred shunt values are as follows: Reset This D-type socket is located next to the optional rear output connectors.

Free Service Manuals

It is therefore advisable to make leads from iow-capacitance coaxial or twm-axiai. So it is sensible to provide a permanent record, e. Outputs are measured, at lOV and IV using thermal transfer, and a linearity correction factor is calculated for the I V output.

Programs for 2-wire resistance in F4. Full Range Key When the Full Range key is pressed, the display rev erts to the nominal value of the range selected. The intercept c is established first in Offset mode, then the slope m is adjusted, in Error mode.

Ensure familiarity with nonnal operation as described in this Handbook. Testing Steps If the instrument is smoking or has a bad smell coming from it turn it off immediately and contact us for further instruction.