Gatha 3 – buddhaguna () · Gatha 4 – dhammaguna () · Gatha 5 – sanghaguna (sa^) · Gatha 6 – blessing. Dhammapada. Gatha, Sentence Translation, Sentence Structure. Vocabulary&Grammar, Commentary, Pronunciation. List of Abbreviations. yo ca pubbe pamajjitva paccha so. The Dhammapada verses are chanted on these tracks by Most Venerable Nauyane Ariyadhamma Maha Swaminwahanse and the Sinhala.

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Pleasant is it to do no evil. One einhala the husband approached her and put some difficult questions on the Dhamma with the object of testing her. Bent on happiness, they seek happiness.

The Buddha, hearing their discussion, uttered these verses. Soon the elephant exerted itself and extricated itself from the mud.

Story A young novice who led a very virtuous life later desired to leave the Order. Sakka wished dhammapada gatha sinhala know who she was. He wished to know from the Buddha by what charm he would be dhammapadda to tell the destiny of such persons.

Better it is to live alone.

Some monks, observing the falling of some withered jasmine flowers, were stimulated to practise meditation more strenuously. Freed, he runs back into that very bondage. Sihhala answered all the questions. Commenting on their attention, the Buddha uttered this verse to show the loving care of a captive elephant towards its mother.


Dammapadaya’s Blog | Pali chanting with Sinhala verses

The Venerable Ananda perceived a king in all his glory, a meditative monk seated in the hall, and the setting sun and the rising moon. Special care was taken not to deviate from the traditional commentarial interpretations.

He who has reached the goal, is fearless, is without craving, is passionless, has cut off the thorns of life. Thereupon the Buddha uttered these verses.

It should be read and re-read so that it may serve as a constant companion for inspiration, solace, and edification in times of need. If aught should be done, let one do it. Beings knowing wrong as wrong and what is right as right, embrace right views and go to a blissful state. As an elephant in the dhammapdaa withstands the arrows shot from a bow, even so will I endure abuse; verily most people are undisciplined. A goddess, who had her abode in the cave, made a false accusation against him in order to drive him away.

Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files.

by Ven Nàrada

The verses dealing with hatred and its appeacement are of special significance in this atomic age. Both after dhammalada become equal, men of base actions in the other world.


Bombs will be met with bombs. His brothers came and abused the Buddha for converting him. He questioned the Buddha about the matter. The king mounts the trained animal.


When this matter was reported to the Buddha, the monk was advised to train himself to reach his ultimate goal. Crossing to the farther shore of existence, with mind released from everything, do not again undergo birth and decay. An evil deed is better not done: By self do you censure yourself. The Buddha, recognising him, dismissed him saying that he had nothing to do with the farther shore and uttered this verse.

When both husband and wife were listening to a sermon from the Buddha the maid-servant came there and related the whole incident. When the monks extolled His patience the Buddha uttered this verse. Commenting on His solitary life, the Buddha uttered these verses.