John Anthony Ciardi was an Italian-American poet, translator, and etymologist. While primarily known as a poet, he also translated Dante’s Divine Comedy. The Paperback of the The Divine Comedy: The Inferno, The and The Paradiso (John Ciardi Translation) by Dante Alighieri at Barnes & Noble. : The Divine Comedy. Stock Image. The Divine Comedy: Dante Alighieri, John Ciardi (Translator) zoom_in. Stock Image. Quantity Available: 1.

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He concluded with the following prophetic words, referring to the new language as ” It has often seemed to me that the offensive language of Protestantism is obscenity; the offensive language of Catholicism is profanity or blasphemy: But such a wailing beat upon my ears, I strained xiardi eyes ahead to the far shore. Dante never mentions the word Limbo or calls the place by that name. Barbarese All rights reserved.

The Gate of Hell. For Dante a style is the body of a cuardi or moral principle, the incarnation of vision, and an absolute way of looking at things.

The transformation may have been suggested by the form Zeus assumed for the rape of Europa — the monster is certainly bullish enough here — but the obvious pur- pose of the brutalization is comsdy present a figure symbolic of the guilty conscience of the wretches who come before it to make their confes- sions. By divinw process quite common in medieval religion, the special powers attributed to Lucia seem to have been suggested by her name rather than her history.

As leaves in autumn loosen and stream down until the branch stands bare above its tatters 1 1 spread on the rustling ground, so one by one the evil seed of Adam in its Fall cast themselves, at his signal, sivine the shore and streamed away like birds who hear their call.

So we went down to ciaedi second ledge alone; a smaller circle of so much greater pain the voice of the damned rose in a bestial moan. Democritus, however, “who ascribes the world to chance,” would clearly be an exception. An angel’s voice, a music of its own: Since this is the most nat- ural sin and the sin most nearly associated with love, its punishment is the lightest of all to be found in Hell proper.


The Comedy is a glorification of the ways of God, but it is also a sharp and divin protest at the ways in which men have thwarted the divine plan. Past that enameled green we six withdrew into a luminous and open height from which each soul among comeey stood in view.

He was the father of Guido Caval- canti, a poet and friend of Dante.

Difine Dante presume to a greater genius than Guido s? He is described in the next Canto. Virgil identifies many among -them. Having drawn so delicate a play of cross-motives in such brief space, Dante further seizes the scene as an opportunity for reinforc- ing Virgil’s fitness to be his Guide.

Tell me, Master, is it permitted to see the souls within these tombs? Each circle is assigned to the punishment of one category of sin.

There is no question of comparative accuracy. Cavalcanti died very soon of an illness contracted during his banishment. There is evidence that Dante stopped writing for a longer or shorter period between the seventh and eighth Cantos.

Ciardi uses four words unshriven to my doom where Zappulla needs a line and a half. The significanee of the astronomical and religious eon junction is an important part of Dante’s intended allegory. To have Virgil apply them to Dante after such violence seems shocking, even though the expression is reasonably common in Italian. In he took part in the battle of Campaldino and the capture of Caprona. Let us not speak of them: He probably composed it in the last decade of his life and chose Latin as a medium rather deliberately, I suspect, for discre- tion’s sake.

John Ciardi

I think [Ciardi’sl version of Dante will be in many respects the best we have seen. Ciardi’s great merit to be one of the first American xxiv Introduction translators to have perceived this special quality of the In- ferno and the first to have reproduced it successfully in En- glish. After comeyd misadventures, he is compelled like Dante to descend to the underworld of the dead. The fact that he pulls it off has made us forget how little he had coming in—a fact that the Hollanders’ alone among the translations under review here seem either alert to or capable of reporting at length and the note goes on for another two paragraphs.


The two are not identified. The great walls of the irqncity block the way to the Lower Hell. The surface interpretation is clearly that Ciardu means Dante to show proper respect to so ma- jestic a soul.

I had picked up a copy of The Inferno at a bargain bin a few months back. Ah, what scorn breathed from that Angel-presence!

As friction con- tinued, the Blacks conspired for the intervention of the xviii Introduction Pope, Boniface VIII, who was delighted with the chance to strengthen sivine Papacy’s claim on Tuscany. I stood there while my Teacher one by one 70 named the great knights and ladies of dim time; and I was swept by pity and confusion. In Italian, where it is only a slight exaggeration to say that everything rhymes with everything else or a variant form of it, the rhyme is no problem: He is placed among this company because of his passion for Polyxena, the daughter of Priam.

John Ciardi – Wikipedia

He contributes regularly to magazines and journals publishing articles about poetry and literary history, and has also contributed to the American Na- tional Biography, American Writers Beforeand The Encyclopedia of New Jersey. You sang how the father of Sylvius, while still in corruptible flesh won duvine that other world, crossing with mortal sense the immortal sill.

And like a miser — eager in acquisition 55 but desperate in self-reproach when Fortune’s wheel turns to the hour of his loss — all tears and attrition I wavered back; and still the beast pursued, forcing herself against me bit by bit till I slid back into the sunless wood.