DNVGL-RP-F has been prepared to facilitate the execution of detailed CP design and the specification of galvanic anode manufacture and installation. Buy DNV-RP F LATEST CATHODIC PROTECTION OF SUBMARINE PIPELINES BY GALVANIC ANODES from SAI Global. Find the most up-to-date version of DNVGL-RP-F at Engineering

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The development of DNV recommended practices for cathodic protection is described in detail, with reference to significant changes made for certain design parameters and the reasons behind such amendments.

Cathodic Protection(DNV vs NACE) – Off-shore structure engineering – Eng-Tips

Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors. It changed relatively recently and resulted in a significant decrease of dnc. Apparently all failures of CRA pipelines due to HISC have been related to the welding of anodes to the pipeline causing stress concentrations, susceptible microstructure and defect coating.

However, the user of this document should then carefully assess the significance of any such deviations. BigInch, make sense, but I do not know. The design shall ensure that anode cables are protected, e.

It is recommended in this RP that if data for Al-Zn-In anodes meeting the compositional requirements in Table 5 of the ISO standard at the applicable temperature and anode current density are not at hand, the data in Table 4 of the ISO standard shall be used, multiplied by a design factor of 0.

Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. The requirements and guidelines in this section are in general compliance with those in ISOSec. Despite the advances and improvements coating systems, however, some of these systems may be vulnerable to disbondment due to insufficient quality control of the application process or improper design and application of field joint coatings. Damage to linepipe coating due to fastening of anodes shall be repaired ref.

I appreciate your time. See also Guidance Notes to 5. Cathodic Protection Detailed Design 5. Abbreviations and Symbols 4. As an alternative, the anode surface temperature may be estimated by heat transfer calculations taking into account any thermal insulation applied between anode and steel surface, in addition to environmental parameters. The electronic web-versions of the DNV Offshore Codes will be regularly updated to include these amendments and corrections. For buried pipeline anodes, an actually measured soil resistivity should be applied, corrected for any annual temperature variations.


The data for zinc anode materials meeting the compositional requirements in Table 6 of the ISO standard in Table 4 of the standard are applicable also at low current densities. Peer reviewed only Published between: This is reflected by the accuracy of the numbers recommended.

Of particular interest are those aspects that require destructive testing and hence cannot be frequently verified during regular production.

To calculate the protective length of such anodes, this standard recommends socalled attenuation calculations contained in an Annex A. For definition of contacting parties and associated terms, see Sec. For spectrometric analyses of anode chemical composition, reference standards with a chemical composition i.

It is recommended that the dnvv of bracelet anodes attached by clamping on top of the linepipe coating is verified by calculations or testing, simulating maximum shear stresses during installation operations. Unless otherwise agreed, the report shall be accepted by Purchaser prior to start of production. For structures with major areas in bare steel e.

For pipelines in CRA’s susceptible to hydrogen induced stress cracking HISC by CP, this concept has the main advantage that the installation of anodes on the pipeline itself can be fully avoided for shorter lines. The PQT shall use the specific materials and equipment as for regular production. Terminology and Definitions Owner Purchaser Contractor shall should may agreed agreement report and notify accepted acceptance certificate certified purchase document s manufacture manufacturing party legally responsible for design, construction and operation of the pipeline party Owner or main contractor issuing inquiry or contract for engineering, manufacturing or installation work, or nominated representative party to whom the work has been contracted indicates a mandatory requirement indicates a preferred course of action indicates a permissible course of action refers to ep written arrangement between Purchaser and Contractor e.


ISO recommends constants a and b in eqn 2 for general types of pipeline coating systems assuming dbv the reduction of current demand for CP i.

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However, it is applicable for certain components of a pipeline system like those installed on manifold templates and riser bases see 1. This can be achieved by special anode alloys or installation of diodes, however, practical experience from such potential control is largely lacking. Default values for galvanic anode performance and design current densities that do not require any special qualification or field testing are also recommended.

However, it is recommended primarily to avoid such temperatures by application of heat insulation dhv anode and, pipe wall or by installing anodes freely exposed to seawater whenever practical.

NACE International Keywords cathodic protectionstandardsgalvanic anodespipelinesmarine corrosion control Downloads 1 in the last 30 days since Show more detail. Compared to this factor, the effect of variations of other design parameters such as design current densities and those associated with the anode performance is relatively small See also Guidance note to 5. Purchaser should consider carrying out a third party verification of the detailed CP design documentation.

It may be decided during the conceptual dnvv design see 1. These constants further assume that any damage to the linepipe coating is repaired CFR in accordance with DNVRP-F prior to installation, and that the compatibility of installation systems with the linepipe and FJC has been verified by testing or calculations. Steve Jones Corrosion Management Consultant http: There’s usually a good reason why everyone does it that way.