‘Lymond is back.” So begins The Game of Kings, the first book in my greatest literary love affair: Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles. The Game of Kings (Lymond Chronicles, 1) [Dorothy Dunnett] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this first book in the legendary Lymond. The Lymond Chronicles (6 Book Series) by Dorothy Dunnett. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: In this first book in the legendary Lymond Chronicles.

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Look at me, I persevered and the payoff was huge: The first pymond that should be said is that the books are not set exclusively in France, though France and its Renaissance form one of the major background themes of the series—a kind of literary continuo, as it were.

Francis Crawford of Lymond returns to the country despite the charge of treason hanging over his head.

The Game of Kings

View all 8 comments. I should be fair and add that most people in the book talk like normal people. Adding to the initial difficulty was my own error of reading a downloaded version of it, an error I then corrected by purchasing paperback editions of all six volumes. Lymond arrives at the semi-barbaric court of the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible, and begins the difficult task of transforming this backward country into a modern state. The lykond also did a great job in encompassing us in a very believable setting that matched 16th century Scotland quite well.

If you can stick with it, it does finally pay off. In my opinion TH Back in the late ‘s the book was published in !!!! Dunnett deftly weaves fictional characters in with real life personages giving us an authentic feel for this turbulent time in Scottish History. Here, Lymond is laying down the law to his kymond of outlaws: It was exhausting but rewarding to read and I have thought of little else for the past week.

The Ringed Doroty takes Lymond, recovering dunnstt his addiction, to the burgeoning Russian state. However, I enjoyed The Game of Kings enough to continue the series. I was sure that I would love them, but I hesitated to start reading because there were so many thick books, because I heard they were filled with complex plots, and a wealth of abstruse literary and historical allusions.


After a series of disastrous military campaigns, most drothy the nobles are either dead, prisoners across the Border or secretly in the pay of the English who claim the hand of the six year old Queen Mary in marriage to their own infant heir to the throne. His new companion and muse, the courtesan Kiaya Khatun, had appeared in the previous two books.

These books are wonderous, magnificent, unforgettable!!!!!! Praised for her historical fiction by critics and devoted fans alike, author Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles took the romance world by storm some cgronicles years ago, firmly fixing Dunnett’s reputation as a master of the historical romance.

There he faces the family he has rejected, and the woman who calls herself his wife. See all reviews.

Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles: far more than sex and swords

Last time I stayed up with a book – to the last page of a book – was in March, with who’d have guessed? Moreover, who is Lymond, and what are his motives and his true relationships with the other characters? Lymond, an outlaw ddorothy every dunnet hand against him, including the two strong hands of his elder brother, tries to stay alive, to help his country and to clear his name, fouled by the most heinous of false charges.

Breaking into noble homes in broad daylight, intimidating the occupants and stealing their valuables, even callously attacking his own mother in her home Complex, confounding, mesmerising. I am so mad at myself because I didn’t guess that scenario.

Lymond leaves no one indifferent to him: With all that my curiosity, and my attempted guessing of figuring out who the hell was Francis Lymond and why was he a traitor of Scotland.

Then, vice is so costly: I have sucked up the sea like Charybdis and failing other entertainment will spew it three times daily, for a fee. He made the series look so appealing with his classic kissy-face poses.


“Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles: The Enigma of Francis Crawford” by Scott Richardson

There is a lot to enjoy but quite frankly teasing out these pockets of bliss from amongst the other stuff is work. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think a novel should require a companion reference. As for sex and love—we are told it happens but never experience it. An intensely private man with a very public chronifles, he is a non-conformist who is suspicious of political and religious causes.

This site uses cookies OK, thanks More info. I love the language that Dunnett uses to make Lymond and the rest Ever love a series of books so much that it is hard to describe just why you love them?

The Lymond Chronicles Series by Dorothy Dunnett

I remembe This book, and how I feeeeeel about this book. You know who you are. In the dynnett that follow Philippa recovers in body but not in spirit and is unable to chronlcles in the physical relationship for which her husband longs.

She composed everything so elegantly, and complex that it enchanted and pushed my imagination to a new level. At first, I didn’t quite know what to make of this book.

I realized I should stop trying when the ‘French jokes’ made me readjust what exactly people referred as ‘jokes’. And with the most amazing chronivles for recalling obscure text and poems in any number of languages at just the right moment. I found this story very refreshing and skillfully rendered. Get to Know Us. You have to work a little to discover the gem. I mean c Ok, I don’t say this lightly but if one can make it through these books it will change your life.