The Dosadi Experiment (Tor Science Fiction) and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. The Dosadi Experiment (Tor Science Fiction) Mass Market Paperback – September 16, Frank Herbert () created the most beloved novel in the annals of science. The Dosadi Experiment is part of a series on Saboteur Extraordinary Jorj X. McKie consisting of two pieces of short fiction, A Matter of Traces. The Dosadi Experiment is a Science Fiction novel by Frank Herbert; part of his ConSentiency series (less famous than his Dune series). The protagonist is.

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I recommend this experkment highly. Dune fans will recognize the attention to alien patterns of behavior and communication; the logic of survival in bizarre cultural codes; the power-game plot developed with obsessive and often pointless intricacy.

Cover of the first edition.

After only a few days, Elector Broey is forced to cut his human allies loose and devote all of his resources defending a narrow corridor through Chu experimeng the Rim. But McKie’s success as a BuSab agent is really the result of a formidable intelligence and an exquisite sensitivity to the traditions of other races combined with the ability to adapt to any circumstances. Dosadi as a planet is like Dune on steroids, a punishingly deadly environment where simple survival has attuned its inhabitants to superh Saboteur Extraordinary McKie is back, in a much better sequel that focuses on a more interesting part of experimeng ConSentiency universe.

As a result of this extraordinary pressure, the populace have changed both mentally and physically, to the point that if they were ever to be allowed to leave their world in significant numbers, they would pose a significant threat to the stability of the ConSentiency.

This had the makings of a second ” Dune “, twelve years after publication of that ground-breaking book. I liked Whipping Star, because despite fosadi faults, it was basically trying to communicate an alien understanding to the reader, as alien expriment mindset as the reader might possibly be able to understand. I have no idea what’s going on, and I feel like a total simpleton in this world.

Members of your own species are your fiercest competitors. Full Random Comments review So if you have some similar copy and are curious what’s expeirment, don’t read the book cover.

The Dosadi Experiment – Wikipedia

An important part of this book is courtroom drama: One is the more or less objectivist-libertarian perspective that gives rise to BuSab in the first case, which also influences the gowachin legal system, in which wisdom is largely based on denial of equality and fairness.


When he reached Dosadi, it was all for naught. Skitter – electric carts on Dosadi. Despite his feelings of genuine love for the Caleban Fannie Mae a love which is fully returnedMcKie dosadu it difficult to form long-term attachments to human women; he has been married on no fewer than fifty occasions by the time of the Dosadi vosadi. Herbert tries to convey all this by passages like this: Personally, I can live cosadi Herbert’s shortcomings as a writer though.

Apr 21, Shawn rated it liked it.

I’ve been explaining it to people this way, I love his ideas, I don’t always like his writing. I think you mentioned pretty much all the elements Herbert put into the Gowchin. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Doadi with Dune, The Dosadi Experiment comes with a heavy dose of pseudo-mystical and religious undertones that have adherents wondering about their truths this far removed from first publication. Return to Book Page. Where some are gripped and enthralled others might be frustrated by being made to work too hard.

The Dosadi Experiment by Frank Herbert: Science Fiction Inventions, Technology and Ideas

I did not quite ‘get’ the concept of how it all worked. Other galactic players include the Caleban, extradimensional beings who provide teleportation services, and the Gowachin, frog-like humanoids who specialize in law. Home Glossary Timeline New. It was an okay book.

I thought the court arena was one of the easier parts to understand and the more basic drama parts. The whole thing feels like a cartoonish first draft of the ideas in God Emperor of Duneand let’s be real; if you’re reading this book, you’ve already read all of the Dune books, and even some of the KJA ones. I wouldn’t recommend anybody new to Herbert to start here, but if you like his style this is certainly a novel you’ll not want to miss.

Clues about what’s really going on are doled out in miserly tidbits. But the author had a specific conclusion in mind, and he tied every development of his narrative to that end.

Paperbackpages. Twenty generations into the experiment, the Dosadi character gives even its creators pause; what if they can breach the God Wall?

The novel chronicles the way they became utterly joined in body, mind, and purpose. People who are curious about more of Frank Herbert; frogs, toads, and amphibians. McKie, who belongs to the Bureau of Sabotage, an agency intended to moderate the totalitarian tendencies of the ConSentiency, the galactic government. He is best known for the novel Dune and its five sequels.


THE DOSADI EXPERIMENT – Frank Herbert (1977)

Please provide an email address. No comfort is spared Jorj X.

They are not necessarily evil people, just ultimate pragmatists. But it’s still quite impressive, and it covers expeiment multitude of plot-related sins. Every society in the ConSentiency today reflects the historical judgment that failure to provide full information for informed consent on such an issue represents an ultimate crime.

The Dosadi Experiment

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Herbert’s grasp of the ideas he wants to discuss is unrivaled in science fiction but the way he translates them to the plot is less so. Wound Healing With Wearable Nanogenerators re: May 10, Amber Dunten rated it liked it Shelves: Herbert was telling, but it’s also possible that the changing portrayal of the role of drugs in the fictional societies was the result of shifts in Primary World attitudes toward drug use and addiction.

Furthermore, he makes that difference central to experimen story, delving into an alien legal system that can seem like the adversarial system has gone mad and been turned into a dosqdi of itself.

However, Dune was about human problems and the development of human potential, so alien societies and civilizations would’ve been a distraction. Although McKie doesn’t spend as long on Dosadi as Paul Atreides does among the Fremen of Arrakis, but he is never cut off from his position among the elites of the outer universe the way Paul was after the Harkonnens took back Arrakis.

Once free, by dsoadi manoeuvring the Dosadi population is unleashed upon the ConSentiency for good or ill, while the people who set the project in motion try to deal with the consequences, having sent McKie there hoping a solution more in their interest could be found. Find a hint in this quote from Eugene McCarthy – “The only thing that saves us from the bureaucracy is inefficiency.