Emu procussion Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Emu procussion Operation Manual. The Procussion is a Proteus-era drum & percussion MIDI sound module released in It’s a 32 voice multi-timbral sample based. The E-MU Procussion is a dedicated drum and percussion sound module that, at that time, offered musicians an E-MU Procussion Operation Manual Rev. A.

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Syn Hat 1 Send Midi Data Procussion. These control sources could be foot pedals, data sliders or whatever.

E-mu Procussion | Vintage Synth Explorer

Got it, continue to print. Standard Zone Map if zones drumKat For each of the modulation patches, there is a Modulation Source, a Modulation Destination, and an Amount parameter.

A Procussion kit can be organized into four levels: The E-MU Procussion is a dedicated drum and percussion sound module procussoin, at that time, offered musicians an unparalleled sound quality, flexibility and expressiveness. Dry Kick 2 Early ’90s American “New Jack Swing” style setup.

Up to 24 Zones may be assigned per kit. Drum Replacement with the User Zone Maps Tam Kick 1 Kits are unalterable factory kits; Kits are user kits which can be changed. Procussion operation manual Index T-Z INDEX threshold switch mode 66 tone 42, 56, 64 transpose 21 triangle wave 39, 63 triggering, footswitch 57 trigger mode 26, 38 trigger tempo 25, 59, 80 tuning master tune 20 instrument tuning 60 tuning zones 52, Procussion operation manual Index A-M INDEX accent 40, 56, 64 headphones 7 aftertouch See pressure hi-hat alternate envelope 62 pedal connection 12 See also envelope generator switch mode 66 alternate switch mode 66 tutorial 81 assignment mode 54 hold 38, Normal additive synthesis uses simple sine waves as the basis of its sound.

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EMU procussion Operation Manual

Page F0 18 06 dd 0D ll. HerboSnare Room Snare 1 Dry Kick 4 To print the manual completely, please, download it. Presets – Bank 1 RAM Vox Freak 2 Proucssion Procussion gives you the ability to literally take these sounds apart and re-assemble them into an almost limitless number of entirely new percussion sounds, combining parts of one instrument with another or with any of a selection of digital waveforms also stored on ROM.

In this screen, you set up which controllers will be received by Procussion. There are hundreds of different drum prpcussion percussion instruments, easily available at the tip of your fingers when using a controller keyboard or drum machine pads ee-mu drumsticks when using a trigger drum controller. This will make the Procussion setup procedure automatic and prevent the wrong kits from playing. For example, the tuning or other parameter can be edited, then the kit can be saved to a user location The chart at the bottom of this page shows which types of Procussion e-um sounds will be assigned to each zone.


Kooky Snare Room Snare 2 Syn Hat 2 Beautifulhypnotic bells. Quality sound effects originated from the drum samples. Dry 12″ Tom 4. F0 18 06 dd 0D ll.

Emu procussion Manuals

The Procussion contains 4MB and over 1, drum and percussion samples, including hundreds of kick drums, snares, toms, hi-hats, cymbals, Latin percussion and even tuned percussion like marimbas and vibes.

Procussion operation manual Zone Submix EDIT MENU If you had a cymbal crash on one drum pad and a choked cymbal on another, you might assign both zones to Exclusive 1 or any of the other exclusive channels so that hitting the choke pad would cut off the crash.

In order mwnual obtain warranty service on your Procussion, the serial number sticker must be intact and you must have a sales receipt or other proof of purchase. If theProcussion is rack mounted, a standard 19 inch open frame rack must be used.

Press the cursor switch to move the cursor to the bottom line of the display.

Mega-powerful kit – hear the drummer go crazy: Fantastic and typical early ’90s techno-house kit. Another very good arena rock setup.