METHODS AND PROCEDURES Patients underwent an ecologically-oriented, strategy-based intervention for memory impairment and were evaluated pre- and . A variety of methods are available to treat attention, memory, and executive functions .. Ecologically Oriented Neurorehabilitation of Memory. Appointments . management system (Moodle). The Ecologically Oriented Neurorehabilitation of Memory. (EON-MEM) was selected as a manualized approach.

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Published by Oxford University Press. Cognitive rehabilitation in the elderly: Helps patients with neurological conditions quickly improve memory and daily functioning. By Age Range 0 to 5 years 6 to 12 years 13 to 18 years 19 years and up. The strategies systematically guide patients in modifying their environments to maximize attention as well as organize and understand the range of functions required to solve problems. References Publications referenced by this paper.

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Ecologically Oriented Neurorehabilitation of Memory

Comparable improvement was seen across diagnostic groups and severity ranges. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education ecloogically publishing worldwide. WPS Authors Meet our distinguished researchers and authors. Incorporating compensatory strategies and written aids, the EON-EXEC introduces simple and practical strategies to improve executive functioning. Related articles in Google Scholar.

Homework assignments save the therapist time, as substantial progress can be made between sessions. For permissions, please e-mail: Register For New Account. Included in the Patient Workbook is The Memory Strategies and Concerns Questionnaire, a self-report inventory that allows the therapist to collect information on the kinds of everyday memory problems a patient is experiencing, the subjective severity of those problems, and the strategies that the patient currently uses to compensate for his or her impairment.


Functional neuroimaging changes following cognitive rehabilitation in patients with mild cognitive impairment.

From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. DeMarsePaul R.

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Request a quote for the ,emory currently in your cart. It will be particularly beneficial to therapists treating veterans, as well as clinicians working with the growing elderly population.

Merge will add to the items in your current shopping cart. EON outcome was measured with alternate form, pre and post-treatment simulations of everyday attention, memory, and problem solving tasks and questionnaires assessing strategy knowledge and self-rating of everyday cognition. Additional case series and randomized clinical trials are needed to evaluate further the efficacy of compensation-based approaches to cognitive rehabilitation. Citations Publications citing this paper.

The current study provided evidence of improved performance in everyday memory content domains with compensatory-based cognitive rehabilitation.

(EON-MEM™) Ecologically Oriented Neurorehabilitation of Memory™ | WPS

Directory of Sensory Integration Certified Therapists. Resource Library Sample forms, test reports, and more. Remember me on this computer.


EFNS guidelines on cognitive rehabilitation: Skip to search form Skip to main content.

Ecologically Oriented Neurorehabilitation of Memory

EON programs are highly pragmatic in bringing about changes in the areas that matter most to patients because the programs focus on the everyday environment in which patients live, train, and work. Please login to verify purchasing qualifications. EON programs seek to improve cognitive performance using compensatory strategies. A 2-day workshop designed to provide clinical training. Journal of the International Neuropsychological….

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A review of prospective memory in individuals with acquired brain injury. Intervention Resources There are no related products. Participants were trained in strategies for improving attention, memory, and problem solving using the manualized EON programs.

Efficacy of memory rehabilitation therapy: