Edward Leedskalnin – Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Edward Leedskalnin. Uploaded by Edward Leedskalnin TPU. My Small scale replication of EDWARD LEEDSKALNIN TP This is a 3/8 u bolt with 2 coils on it. The u bolt is ‘ long and 2’ apart, the top bar. RE: Edward Leedskalnin TPU. «Reply #75, on November 10th, , AM » Last edited on November 10th, , AM by.

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However, it may also be easily explained in the next few days as people take notice. The device, as it is most widely known, consists of a U-shaped iron or steel bar with an opposing ecward on each arm and a separate bar that spans the ends of the U.

With the blocks in place, I first tried touching the ends to a 12V lantern battery. Thanks again to Mike Waters for supplying the specs, instructions and guidance via which this experiment was created and to Dale Franklin edwarr perfectly machined blocks. Gries, to get his input.

In this video, he shows a crazy phenomenon. The blocks were instantly bonded together powerfully enough that it took me 5 minutes or so to finally separate them by shearing them apart. This is because you have added an additional circuit to the PMH Steel and iron. Our goals are a fairer, more transparent world and a better future for everyone. Or any battery for that matter.

What it also points to is the possibility that coalesced matter may be bonded by some variation of this same magnetic field.


Directory:Leedskalnin “Perpetual Motion Holder” (PMH) Bond Effect –

To have your post flaired as [Meta], simply start your post title with [Meta]brackets included. At high power it would be more interesting Want to add to the discussion? I promise you will not be disapointed, I have not only shared the law of perpetual motion. Don’t want to divert you from your focus. This is the difference between the pyramid builders legacy, what they left to the Egyptian’s, and what we practice today.

I have shared how to turn it into perpetual power, at great danger to my personal self. I made a couple of calls. I was aware of this ; This is after all why Eddington and Einstein managed to discover that the SUNs magnetic field produced by its mass and energy is capable of bending the Light.

Preface Note – by Congress: I just want to sayyou didn’t distract me. Here is a picture of the original I made. Here’s what the standard model tells us. Submit a new link.


To my way of thinking this points to the fact that the magnetic field may be a primary force. The wire actually stuck to the palms of my hands because it had burned a slot in them and the wire tips were still welded to the battery posts, causing a bad burn in a place you can not help but keep touching when you use your hands and it took a long time to heal.

In this way we find a way to generate complex AC currents, based on time differential, and the antithesis of other alternating poles and movements, how Tesla’s magneto dielectric impulse technology worked, and how the Universe itself works electrically. But people on Keelynet say Garage tinkers could easily do it.


Because the PMH A does not lose magnets and B The frame is connected to it’s iron core the magnets do not any more follow a standard elecrtical circuit’s stream, and the same eddy curents that were present, I do not think they are present anymore, because of this there will be very low losses, and much reduced resistance. Even in the bonded state, the blocks showed little or no magnetism on the outside surfaces.

Several noticeable effects were lerdskalnin during testing: No accusations of rules violations in comments.

However, based on new information received yesterday, and witnessed first hand last night, I am revising my outlook on this phenomenon. Submission Statements are required for link and image posts. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Basically as long as you apply the magnets to the core steeland as long as you leave it years or decades, there will always be the same amount of magnets stay in there forever. First, credit for the discovery of the effect listed on this page goes to Jerry Smith of Littleton, Colorado, who I met with yesterday, along with about ten other people, including Foster Gamble.

I missed it the first time. If these ddward are correct then we’re grossly underusing a primary force.