The Model (digital) updates a preferred scouting tool among treasure hunting enthusiasts to provide even better tuning using the digital tuner and the. Electroscope is an electronic locator similar to a metal detector but will recognize the presence of metals Model Digital Electroscope – FREE SHIPPING!. Today Electroscope offers a wide selection of long range instruments which not only Boasting separate gold and silver modes, the Model has a maximum .

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The ten turn tuning knob is very precise and when the user finds that setting on either gold or silver, they can be confident to start scouting and treasure electoscope. The Pro-Spector This sleek, newly designed Electroscope is a fantastic scouting tool used to locate an area of interest for treasure hunters and prospectors.

Geotech – Technology for Treasure Hunting

In treasure hunting circles Electroscope is a name recognized by many. The Regulator Digital The Regulator is the latest innovation by Electroscopes by Thomas that provides the operator with the ability to experiment with materials they want to detect.

It can be an effective tool in your treasure arsenal and an absolute must for any serious prospector. Those who understand circuit schematics will realize that the does basically the same thing as the Since the Model has been used successfully by prospectors, cache hunters, nugget shooters and coin hunters. When the Model digital is on but not balanced, it will power off to conserve the battery life. Large, easy to view numbers can be set on the screen where you get the best detection.

If you are looking for deposits of gold, veins, hunting tailing piles for nuggets, or just looking for an area to set up your prospecting equipment in a river or a stream, the Regulator digital may be for you.

The screen is backlit for lowlight conditions. The display also features a backlight for low light conditions and a battery icon to show battery life.

Metal Detector Distributors

Schematic click for larger image. Electroscope models are free floating on the handle except the gravitator which has a free floating antenna pod only allowing the instrument to turn and point in the direction of the detected target and lock on to it.


I measured the battery current with the Phasor plugged in and there is no difference at all. By locating items from a distance, the Model reduces the time spent in the field searching considerably and the finds being accounted for has significantly increased as well.

Cover more ground and save precious time with a Pro-Spector. The control knob on the bottom of the unit does nothing. In every case I’ve heard about so far, units contain junk circuit boards and wires to hide the fact that there is no real technology inside. The plastic case is mounted to the handgrip with two ball bearings.

The schematic prove that this device is a fake and a fraud. It is wired essentially in series with the IR devices, if that is what they are. Although used by many professionals, it is an excellent choice for the novice treasure hunter. A good example to visualize this is how the needle of a compass always points to true North regardless of how the compass is turned. Visual inspection shows that the contains three potentiometers, three rocker switches, two slide switches and two push button switches.

So, the end result, is that the Model is functionally identical to the Model But don’t miss the full test results from Sandia National Labs from which Afilani liberally misquotesnor Sandia’s physical examination of the Lifeguard. Electroscope has faded from the forefront over the years.

The had a meter, whereas the 20 did not. The Gravitator’s revolutionary new compact design makes it easy to transport into the field.

The antennas can be extended or retracted to achieve good control over the short range or maximum long range searching as per the operator requirements.

Once a lock is achieved, the instrument has the ability to bring you to the target by means of either the boxing or triangulation method.

When properly balanced, a tone is audible and the word READY is visible to provide confidence for the operator. This high-tech, state-of-the-art locator enables you to leap into the future of long range detection systems. Elrctroscope the top of the control box, the additional mode switches and knobs further vary the voltage that’s applied to the antennae.


This exceptional long-range locator is always pre-tuned for gold, but by inserting a specific high conductor in the sample compartment, the user has the capability to expand their search to other precious materials previously undetectable with an Electroscope. Series II Interface Interfaces are used to help prospectors focus on larger caches, nuggets, or gold deposits. Boasting separate gold and silver modes, the Model has a leectroscope range of two miles plus on larger targets and reported find depths of up to twelve feet.

The Model 20 is an excellent electrosfope for the treasure hunter who needs a tool that had all around performance in the field. Model 20 The Model 20 is an excellent choice for the treasure hunter who needs a tool that had all around performance in the field. It doen’t appear to me to be a watch module, but it does appear to be surplus scrap. Four other wires went into the module, however they were merely terminated in a blob of hot melt glue.

This also allows the operator to take an educated guess as to target distance according to the length the antennas are extended to. A nine volt battery fits into a compartment in the bottom.

Let this affordable long-range instrument aid you in your pursuit of treasure. As an avid treasure hunter, he realized early on that in order to be successful in this field he needed to locate electroscops metal from a distance, so as to increase vastily his search area in the minimum possible time, something metal detectors could not do.

When the battery check button is pressed, current rises to microamps depending upon the control settings and drives the meter way off scale. The antenna system also becomes a tuning mechanism with the Pro-Spector as adjusting the antenna length in conjunction with the tuning knob setting will provide the most accurate tuning.

We believe these new System-B long-range locators will be valuable tools helping to accomplish our customer’s goals.