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For example, to measure an output signal of a single-mode optical fiber, a sampling frequency in range of several GHz is necessary [1].

LLC “Energo-Gazelektronika” TIN

The results of simulations of the proposed imaging method are also presented. The measured resistance value was significantly higher than the value energoelektrobika the winding resistance because of “iron losses”.

At the end we compared results from measurement of the components of the electric field intensity with the results from simulation based on the numerical method. About this, what will be the effect of the influence of disturbances on the device determine the parameters of disturbances and immunity level the device on the type of disturbances.


Order an annual subscription PLUS version and get access to other electronic publications of the magazine yearalso from March – year Exemplary calculations were performed for two typical linear systems. Thanks to the use of sensorless control, the control system of the motor is simple and allows for continuous speed control.

These mathematics models may be used for analysis of signal distribution and their disturbances in different multiport structures and for the design of any optimum multiport devices.

The methods to design and choose the components of these above mention power tracks have been described in great detail in the literature [1,2]. The second recording mode was the acquisition of fast electric field changes 0. Close and don’t show again Close. The liquid under processing is supplemented enervoelektronika with some quantity of ferromagnetic particles.


The paper presents models of cable lines made of parallel wires in different spatial configurations and their impact on load enedgoelektronika. Power analysis of the control signal shows a power efficiency improvement favourable for the proposed approach. Lightning records were carried out in two energoelwktronika ways. The paper describes such EMC testing chamber interfaces, which allow bidirectional wired and wireless data transfer between the tested device and auxiliary technical means placed outside the testing space.

During measurements elekktronika been carried out a study to establish connection between the observed interference and high voltage laboratory work. It operates on high voltage of kV and middle voltage MV of 15 kV. The introduced scattering matrices describe a matching problem in different multiport structures, for example a connection of given antenna array with multiport beamformer. In the paper discussed and the comparison of two digital signals.

The paper is aimed to measurements of electric disturbances in elekttonika voltage installations inside rooms near the high voltage laboratory during its work. Expansion of existing substations, in particular, the replacement of transformers for higher capacity units is one solution to the above problem.

The results of open-loop and closed-loop experiments are discussed. The paper presents theoretical bases concerning the usage of a short-time Fourier transform for the analysis of UWB pulses.

View Ideas submitted by the community. To create the technological rotating magnetic field three phase inductors are used. An additional factor which makes energoelektronkia cranes working in open air slower are winds.


Some applications for quadrature signals are employed in telecommunications for single-sideband modulators and quadrature mixers [1]. It is thus natural that good solutions of the crane control problem are such that move the payload along a time-optimal trajectory with oscillations as small as possible, and the control algorithm is robust to disturbances.


Macromodels of arcs have been created and simulations of electrical processes in plasmatrons have been carried out. Gliding typically occurs between two diverging electrodes Fig.

This is, for example, reactive power for which the relevant provisions in contracts with electricity provider are applied [6].

Vote Promote or demote ideas. Such characteristics leads the motor into a strongly nonlinear behaviour [4], with several challenges to both constructive and control investigation, e. The sensing principle is based on changes of electromagnetic field properties which are affected by this sensor resonance. This paper presents mathematical analysis of the first inrush current pulse for transformers with windings made of superconducting materials.

Strona główna – Katedra Energoelektroniki i Maszyn Elektrycznych

The frequency course character of this parameter plays a key role in specific sensor kind sensing principle. It was shown how HPM pulses could interact with the electronic equipment and how dangerous it is. The rising and falling edge of the first signal has the same. This paper deals with a measurement of the electric field intensity in the near field region with proposed autonomous electromagnetic EM field probe. It might be achieved as a derivative of system’s step response, however a construction of an ideal differentiating circuit is impossible too.