(hardcover) P (paperback) Elminster: The Making of a Mage Basic Information Author(s) Ed Greenwood Publisher TSR, Inc. Cover Artist Jeff Easley . Elminster: Making of a Mage. Add to Goodreads. In ancient days, sorcerers sought to learn the One True Spell that would give them power over all the world and. A young shepherd boy, Elminster, vows revenge on the dragon-riding mage-lord who murders his family and destroys his village, and pursues careers as a.

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Jul 04, Alan Castree rated it it was ok Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Is Elminster: Making Of A Mage good? : Forgotten_Realms

It was just so unengaging. Thank you very much for this information.

Of course not having read the other books its entirely possible that he gets better with time, someone else will have to say whether that the case. However, I will also admit that he is starting to grow on me now that i’m on, like his 5th book Eominster it did lack in realism in parts I still found it quite well constructed. They are going to get into the floating tower of ‘Suchandsuch’.

The Making of a Mage

Manshoons evil plans could be made by Skeletor and I would not notice the difference. And as to the rest of the series, Greenwood does’t disappoint. He had identifiable goals and a fairly well organized hierarchy in the Zhentarim. My problem with Elminster, is that he seems to be a badly written character amongst non-characters.


There is no connection between them, and in a way they are all independent communities there is no concept of democracy or a republic in the Forgotten Realms, which is very disappointing since Elminzter have been in existence for a very elmjnster time — in fact I have never seen the word republic used in conjuction with the Forgotten Realms, despite it having been amking part of our vocabulary, since at least Plato.

Then El was turned into a woman and I kind of lost it.

The book is plagued by continuity, logical, This was an interesting, if somewhat disjointedly and hastily written, edited and thought out book. I think WotC could have handled it better though.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The pacing was ok, dialogs might have te better, but still they were decent enough, and complaining that Elminster gets everything too easy is bordering absurd.

I only mention it beacuse, honestly, why do I read any of these books? As for evil, they are truly evil, but I have never viewed the world as ever being black and white.


Edverse home of Ed Greenwood, the creator of the Realms. Through this whole period, it seems like the elf is just talking about how to rhe the forest, but I guess all that stuff is metaphoricly about the “weave”. He would treat his subjects well and despite the land being ruled by a monarchy, people enjoyed freedom particularly merchants.

Elminster: The Making of a Mage

You guys need to give me some pointers after I’m done with my chronological reading of the Lore. It could be a lot better and the author admits as much: But its not over yet!

The book is plagued by continuity, logical, transitional and grammatical anomalies. From the back cover: Overall, the narrator sounded bored and did nothing to improve the story. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I thought the execution was lacking. There are, however, some bright points. Now, older and maybe more cynical, I didn’t enjoy it quite as much. The Legend of Drizzt: Mass Market Paperbackpages. This book is not worth the effort.