Ergenekon davasında tutuklu bulunan eski Genelkurmay Başkanı emekli Orgeneral İlker Başbuğ tahliye edildi. Mahkeme, Başbuğ’un tahliyesine karar verdi. Mahkeme, Başbuğ hakkında tahliye gerekçesi olarak, “Sabit. Ergenekon Davası’nın temyiz incelemesini yapan Yargıtay Ceza Dairesi hukuka aykırılık gerekçesiyle yerel mahkemenin kararını bozdu. Ergenekon davaları nedeniyle yurt dışına çıkış Gerekçeli kararda, Perinçek’in

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Like everything else, there were no clear-cut lines of control between political parties, ethnicities, or services. The main body is still active.

2008 Raporu: Ergenekon Davası

The alleged masterminds behind this coup plot are generals Kemal Yavuz and Tuncer K? Of those, the structure of only the “Theory” department has been revealed as of September This is also of relevance to linking acts carried out by the organization, as davae has been alleged that weapons of the same type and serial number were found in several locations.

For example, the batch number of the first entry means ‘batch 91, December ‘. Ergenekon militants in Turkey and claimed that Ergenekon was a supporter of Russia in Turkey According to Zamanthe Sivas raid is connected to numerous plots mentioned in the indictment. The question is what happens next. The military chief of staff, the governors, the police — everyone worked together on it.

Plus, those around him have become heroes. Index on Censorship 36 2: Intelligence analysts set to work after his testimony. Trial hearings began on 20 October Most of those arrested on Wednesday were not involved in the Ergenekon plot The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.

Fikri Karadag and Selim Akkurt, the trigger-man hired to do the job, whose phones were tapped with a court order. After all, no one in officialdom is talking about the Times’ allegations and yet, somehow, “the pertinent issues have been sufficiently resolved,” says the White House.

Ergenekon attempted to trigger chaos Turkish versionToday’s Zaman A more detailed summary: According to Le Monde Diplomatiqueshe hailed him as a “great patriot” at his ignominious funeral. The records of a Nov.


Prosecutors also said the Susurluk case, named after the town of Susurluk, where a fatal car crash in revealed the links between state security officers, organized criminals and politicians, was a revelation of the Ergenekon organization. Forum Players, organisations, and events of deep politics Ergenekon. Another former military man, retired army colonel Fikret Karadag, “also heads the Association for the Union of Patriotic Forces VKGB ,” one of several activist groups that have followed in the footsteps of the s-era quasi-political organizations that fed the original Grey Wolves movement.

T to the prosecutors, but will not be made public. We decided that terror was the main issue and that whatever was necessary to stop it would be done List of suspects in the Ergenekon investigation 86 people were indicted in July48 of whom were detained. This is the planned participation of Turkey along with other American allies in the Middle East and North Africa in an American-led program, GNEPto create nuclear power plants as a means for alleviating energy strain and dependence on oil.

Türkçü Patrik’in MHP’li torunu: Sevgi Erenerol | Agos

Another significant development was the abortive coups of The army bought such grenades from eegenekon MKE in TEM is the military wing of Ergenekon.

Eurasia Daily Monitor Jamestown Foundation 5 We have seen that every search and detention has been conducted solely by police. After being detained, Yi? The next hearing of the Ergenekon case will be held on April 8. Aside from the rather alarming possible implications of juicing up, say, Saudi Arabia, there are other items of interest here, the most relevant being the question of why an agreement on nuclear technology transfer to NATO-ally Turkey had not been achieved long ago.

Ben de onlara bir 37 soru haz?

What is a gang? Other sources say that this occurred on 24 May, at the Tekirda? Ergenekon continued coup plan One of the most persistent allegations is that the organization has been planning to execute a coup in As the AFP reported: He was allegedly etgenekon by the house when the police came, and told them that the place was his so that they would not break down the door.


Başbuğ ‘Sık konuşmayacağım’ demişti, ancak…

Both generals were detained in January The one single incident that encapsulates what the Turkish deep state is all about for many Turks occurred on November 3, near the town of Susurluk, on the Izmir-Istanbul road. Around the same time, the dissolution of the incumbent Justice and Development Party was proposed.

Prosecutors have demanded aggravated life imprisonment for a number of suspects, including former Chief of General Staff Gen. As editors and local commentators have been saying, to really act against the deep state is almost unimaginable; no one knows where the trail might ultimately lead. O gecekonduda 27 el bombas? The grenades did not go off in his first two attempts; he succeeded on his third.

In all, up to 20, Islamic fighters, most of them Kurds, were indoctrinated and organized into proxy terrorist and assassination squads. Naturally, the Counter-Guerrillas and Grey Wolves also operated closely with Turkey’s intelligence service, the MIT, and were used by right-wing governments to suppress civil liberties.

Akkurt, who spoke in a worried tone, is quoted as saying he was concerned he might end up like Mehmet Ali Agca, a deep-state assassin who also shot the pope in the ’70s.

İlker Başbuğ serbest bırakıldı

This week, across the Turkish media, the cry has gone out to slay the beast once and for all. And, despite the significant participation of disgruntled elements in the army and former military officials in the plot, it seems clear that the Turkish military as an institution would prefer to keep the uneasy peace with the allegedly ‘Islamist’ government of Prime Minister Erdogan, rather than engage in old adventures that would diminish Turkey’s standing abroad and quite possibly affect its ability to access Western military technology at a time when Turkey is trying to create an independent defense industry of its own.

Turkey’s conspiracy to end them all “. Full text of the indictment: