The muse next decorates Mars, and worships Minerva. Philipo Vadi offers this book on the art of gladiatorial combat to the illustrious. Prince Guido di Montefeltro. Master Fillipo Vadi’s work, previously overlooked and underestimated by Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi: 15th Century Swordsmanship of Master Filippo Vadi. Title, Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi: 15th Century Swordsmanship of Master Filippo Vadi. Author, Filippo Vadi. Translated by, Luca Porzio, Gregory Mele. Publisher.

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Fillipo Vadi – Liber de Arte Gladitoria de Dimicandi

I have made dimicandu roverso fendente on the left foot, Without changing the foot turning the hips I strike a dritto without further movement. As I break your arm over my shoulder. The translation here however is presented without interpretation. Luca Porzio was born in Rome. The name field is required. Se punta butta rota non temere, se subito non piglia el bon fendente remane senza fructo al mio parere.

Its resemblance is strong yet Master Vadi clearly wrote of his own understanding and method.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. At need you can take another way, And you leave the thrust and employ Other blows to return here, As you will hear in my text. Reminding and admonishing all, in plain words, to not dare attempt this art and science unless they are bold,generous and full of courage. I carry venom like the scorpion.


De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi – Wikipedia

To make your opinion clearer, And to sharpen your intellect, So you may be able to answer to everyone: The sword is placed in her care, So measure vadu and steps together So Science keeps you safe. The blows make a bloody mark, When we mix them with the rota We support the entire art.

The translation is literal. L a spada vole avere iusta misura vole arivare el pomo sotto el brazio come qui apare nella mia scriptura.

Arte gladiatoria dimicandi : 15th century swordsmanship of Master Filippo Vadi

VII De la punta. I am the frontal guard, so secure Of cuts and thrusts I have the solution. We are the fendenti and we make quarrels, To strike and cut often with grief, The head and the teeth with the right reason.

And so for this reason I tell you that they are in every way alien to this science, and it appears to me that the opposite stands for everyone of perspicacious intelligence and lively limbs such as are courtiers, scholars, barons,princes, Dukes and Kings, who should be invited to this noble science according to the principle of the Instituta which states: And when you strike a roverso fendente, Bend the left knee, and note the text, Extend the right foot, Without changing it, i.

The E-mail Address es field is required. The great blows with a serene hand, Will place you above the others and give you honour. And grasp valour with reason As I admonish and as I teach you And do it with cunning You follow that which I have written in so many verses, To discover the depths and the banks of the Art.


In this way I have you with the left hand, I will not hold back striking with cuts and thrusts. If punta turns into rota do not fear: Molti son che fan lor fondamento nel roteggiar ben forte da ogne lato; fa che ti sie avixato Como sua spada roteggiando move. So that gladiatodia are forced into a bad spot.

And many times it happens that someone on foot defeats and conquers someone on horseback. Against one foe the thrust finds good use, and against many no more does its duty. Don’t have an account? This is the foundation and base of the art.

Philippo di Vadi

Se la lingua tagliasse per ragione, e fesse ancora lei como la spada, seria infinite morte le persone. Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma. English translation Philippo di Vqdi Pisano was a 15th century Italian fencing master. XII Ragion de viste de spada.

Because any coarse, low-born, pusillanimous man must be chased away and blocked from such nobility and refinement.