FORM 350-18 PDF

TATS/RC3 EXPORTABLE INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIAL REQUEST FORM. (For use of this form see TRADOC Reg ; proponent is TRADOC DCS, G-3/5/7, . TRADOC Reg Appendix C. Instructions for TRADOC Form R-E. C TRADOC Form R-E, TASS unit Pre-execution Checklist (PEC). Fill How To Fill Out Tradoc Form 18 2 R E, download blank or editable online . Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller.

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Army personnel must meet the prerequisites for the course stated in the Army Formal School Catalog DA 35-018 unless a waiver is obtained. List each required waiver and attach as applicable. Commanders must request justification for training to the proponent school and receive concurrence before the soldier attends the course.

Enter yes if required for course and attach copy to PEC. The request and concurrence may be submitted either electronically, or in writing. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. 35-18

Pre-Execution Checklist – Idaho Army National Guard

Enter expiration date for military license. Why I Left the Military. If designated signature authority signs, attach a copy of the written designation memo.


Doughboy Vocabulary – Fomr Center for Educational. Commander or designated signature authority signs. If color vision testing was used, a copy must accompany the PEC e. The PEC will be used to verify routine prerequisites such as line scores, physical capacity or stamina, upper extremities, lower extremities, hearing, ears, psychiatric PULHESand prerequisite training.

Pre-Execution Checklist – Idaho Army National Guard

SSN Type or Print 3. Other requirements of DA Pam DA Sample – Request Attendance at a.

Soldiers reporting for training without a completed Pre-execution checklist, signed by the soldier and unit commander, will be given 72 hours from the report date to provide the checklist with appropriate attachments.

Training institutions will not routinely coordinate for line score waivers but, may receive proponent school concurrence, only if the TASS commander determines that time allows. Students requiring medical waivers will arrive with the approved waiver in-hand. Scaffold – Not Just a Name on a Wall. After this time, soldiers will be returned to their units. Military and civilian vehicle operator licenses: Documentary evidence of security clearance, physical profile and other non-routine prerequisites are required in addition to the pre-execution checklist.


Unit must complete all information.

Meets color vision requirements: Soldier requiring corrective lenses has a set of military prescription eyeglasses and protective mask inserts. List each requirement of DA Pam not previously listed and attach copy of document, if applicable.

Soldier attending training must sign and date.

Dress The Roman Soldier. The RC unit commander may base his decision for a soldier attending reclassification training on performance or experience. Enter license number, state, and expiration date for civilian license. Items 1 through 6, self explanatory Part I, Unit Pre-execution First line leader and soldier initial blocks: The purpose 35-018 the PEC is to assist the unit in preparing soldiers for school attendance Part Iwhile providing one single document, with appropriate attachments, for the training institutions Parts II and III.