Title: Formulario , Author: Alejandro Gómez, Name: Formulario , Length: 2 Los contribuyentes que realicen inicio de actividades podrán acceder al. PORTAFOLIO DIGITAL INICIO DE ACTIVIDADES 3D Full Motor (Empresa simulada). Formulario de Obtenci贸n de RUT e Inicio de Actividades. ¿Cómo inicio actividades en el Servicio de Impuestos Internos? Copyright: © All Rights . Formulario (si es presencial). Acreditación de domicilio.

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Chile Forum

Get a temporary RUT: Now, you gotta understand that if you start up a biz, you have to do boletas. Why did the name RUT stick vs. Find one by recommendation. Then they decided to combine them in to one unified number across all systems in Chile.

Why do people mix ee both then? You need to tell the health insurance that you do not yet have a Chilean ID card. One thing I forgot to mention was that some self-employed people issue boletas de honorarioswhich I believe is a simpler system.

Was this page useful? Facturas especially are quite “sensitive” documents and need to be issued with care. In short, get some help. Often it is just an accountant or attorney that acts as legal representative.

Ultimate Guide to Chile

It’s a way of life Plaza Anibal Pinto, right beside the firehall, same building as the intendencia, first floor in the pasaje.

So, for example a company has no passport, but private individuals do have a passport. Here’s a handy dandy PDF from the website. For example, we never ever act as legal representative to our clients’ corporations. A legal representative does formulatio need to be a owner of a company at all. Never ever ever trust a Chileno to be your representante legal in a Sociedad.


Don’t mess with the IRS. Alternatively, they may authorize an agent to obtain a RUT on their behalf, delegating this power to the agent in a document witnessed by a public notary. Does this mean that to complete all steps above-mentioned, you need to wait for your visa, the registration with PDI, and the ID card? Only perhaps dead people might still have two different inicuo, and even those get standardized by the civil registry when found.

How you go about doing that, and if you receive a RUT, will depend on what sort of buisness you are starting. Tax code infractions can be punished quite severely, have you noticed that some businesses absolutely insist on giving you a boleta?

Does anyone know anything about this process? To give boletas for english lessons, Actuvidades used if I remember correctly. You need to be authorized by your land lord to conduct biz at that address you are using. Thus, it may change if it is expired or you apply for residency such as in the case of a tourist buying a car or property. Don’t leave the store untended, and you will be less likly to get in to trouble.

RUT and RUN : two ID numbers to know

You obtain one automatically when the Registro Civil issues your ID card. It is too much of a conflict of interest. Form is the one, you can download the form and prepare it yourself.

Just one number for everything in the country. It is unique and never changes, even if you renew your ID card. Now, in order to start a biz, you have to initiate activities with the IRS. Non-Chilean residents also get a RUN and an identification card. Where should this procedure be carried out?


I believe it is because the most common function of the number is acfividades tax paying purposes, and it shows on your Chilean ID as RUT.

formulario by rosa agurto on Prezi

This number does not have any legal value. He onicio ” Well in that case we would just fire you” He had no answer when I pointed out that employment has no bearing on Legal Rep status The number a foreigner is given without residency is a temporary RUT number.

You just need to go to the office near where you live and ask for form So please please please, always refer to it as a RUT, even if someone tries to correct you.

So, make sure you get your own attorney to check the paperwork and you understand exactly what you are doing for both POA’s and incorporations, and your nice smiling new partner you had too many glasses of wine with get their own attorneys. I’d like to take care of this ASAP and would hate to make multiple trips. You get one of these when you are either born in Chile or obtain residency in Chile. May be worth exploring.

This number is required for a lot of administrative steps nonexhaustive list: Bring also your passport and a copy of it! Source of confusion long, long, fornulario ago Chileans had two different numbers for these.