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The financial system relies entirely upon such electronic subsystems. The conclusion is, that it is possible that a big part from the psychodrama techniques such as interview, role playing, role reversal, time regression, and future projection could be applied in individual psychodrama session through the medium of accessories.

The presence of these energies are clues to a further deepening of societal instability. It is a pure Source wave that has crashed my entire organism and it is burning from within and without. Georgi has added his energy report at the bottom of this post explaining the events that were carried out during this meeting. The masks and the dolls might be interviewed just as the group members are interviewed in the standard psychodrama.

One crucial element in this scenario is missing: He confirmed that humanity is on the cusp of it, on the very edge of a precipice, and now we are building an ethereal bridge for it to cross over and enter the 5th dimension.

In particular I referred to the general understanding of the new theory of the Universal Law and its infinite implications for the new human civilisation and also how difficult it is for the current humans to sustain its highest vibrations and adopt fully its holistic approach based on immaculate logic and precise and total axiomatisation of human language and scientific terminology.


These fears flow through my fields and I can very well discern them and put them in the appropriate perspective.

I have dreamt of codes in the sky georig times too! Now I need to fully attune to the new theory of the Universal Law and hope to get some more information from my HS and Source in this respect. This light is felt by many and seen by few, but no one is immune to their effect.

For this reason I will step back from editing this website on a daily basis and scrutinizing closely the world news in order to be up to date. One more query, if you would indulge me. This was the case with communism in the East and this will be case this year in the West and I have already my deja-vus.

Every ebook can be downloaded for free. The descending planet will instead sink into chaos.

The suffering dissolved in the light. As I wrote in early June, we proceeded with the establishment of the new energetic conditions of superconductivity in all further superimposed energetic systems such as the chakra system of the human body. In the first two weeks of Stanko we dealt with the chakra system of humans that harbour a lot of existential fears associated with money and impoverishment.

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This is a major element of the cabal strategy to transform humans into electronic robots. As the Elohim confirm, no one is immune to the effects of these current waves whether they feel them or not. The message confirms our perception of a highly unusual set of waves that are steady, powerful, and even very colorful at times. One of them is a boy named Orlando.

Georgi Stankov » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

In fact it is very simple to imagine — the financial system will not collapse because banks are broke or governments cannot repay their gargantuan sovereign debt, as long as any conceivable sum of georgii can be electronically generated with a click on the computer as the former Fed chief Ben Bernanke boasted in front of the senate.


To find out stanjov, including how to control cookies, see here: Sep 5, Publication Name: Everyone is doing their own part, and there are many parts to play in this Play!

They speak about our true nature to command the light and that this is our time now to consciously do this. She for the first time realized what enormous interdimensional geogri we are doing and felt great to participate in it.

The actual ascension scenario is presented from minute 17th where June 20th is confirmed as the initiation of this final transformation wave that will peak in the course of this summer.

Georgi Stankov –

A transformer burns through. The paper presents the theoretical and conceptual foundations of children’s participation in decisions affecting their lives. The introduction of various chips in the body goes in the same direction. Voglio un momento evidenziare che fra questi gruppi che ho appena gdorgi si trovano tanti differenti livelli di avanzamento.


For most humans it will be a new experience when we reach this threshold. Click here to sign up. The messages of Astraea et Amora tried to shed some more light onto this linguistic and epistemological confusion among scientists with regard to electricity and magnetism.