Gerpolek, gerilya-politik-ekonomi (Seri Djambatan klasik) [Tan Malaka] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Military strategy for combating. It is the first extract of the booklet “The Partisan and his Military, Political and Economic Struggle” (GERPOLEK) written by Tan Malakka May when he was. GERPOLEK. (Chapters XI – XIII). Tan Malaka (). This cut down version of GERPOLEK is translated from the French, which is translated from the Dutch which.

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The following other wikis use this file: In this case I reckon that the Japanese instruction for 2 to 3 years and more especially the instruction in the technique and conduct of war developed during 2 to 3 years of engagements on the Indonesian battle fields are enough and are well-known to tens of thousands of soldiers.

What is the basis of this division in two periods from the economic point of view?

Or by partisans disguised as women who saunter in front of the eyes of the enemy soldiers while wriggling their behinds. Note by translator and transcriber, Ted Crawford July The agreement of Linggadjatti also mentioned that Dutch and Indonesians would collaborate on the army, Foreign Affairs, finances, economic affairs and cultural matters.

Published May by Diandra Pustaka Indonesia first published The government thus carried out the arrest of its citizens, actually, at the request of the enemy. What is the basis of this division into two periods from a political point of view?

Not to give battle on open terrain. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Gerpolek / Tan Malaka – Details – Trove

All these activities could not be done by the Dutch. Towards the older people, he must behave like an elder brother or a son, towards the less old people like an elder brother or a father. By blockading the Republic, its economic development was hindered. The close spiritual links established between the partisan and the proletariat around him, will make the leadership given by the partisans of durable nature, and will not be able to be destroyed by adversaries or the enemy.


Tan Malaka Archive

In the cities producer co-operatives can be built to manufacture patjols, axes, textiles, etcdistribution co-operativesfor the distribution malak goods like the textiles, tools, etc…transport co-operatives for the carriage of goods of a place with anothercredit co-operatives to obtain capital by collecting taxes of one or two percent and market co-operatives to lower prices on the market.

Thus, chaos in Dutch economic life increased day in day. This idea is a leitmotiv in the whole text. Under the pressure of these circumstances — the English having to leave, but Dutch not yet being ready – the decision of the Republic to conclude an armistice was accepted by Dutch and English with a sigh of relief and a smile of gratitude for the results of their diplomacy. There are various methods of partisan war which one can also call stratagems.

File:Cover Gerpolek Tan Malaka.jpg

Between the four walls of stone and behind the iron bars, the author does not have any works which enable him to check the exactitude of his opinions. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Decades after the victory of the revolution, the Soviet government caused greater difficulties for the entry or the exit of its territory that it is not the case today for Indonesia, where the revolution still develops with all its violence…. I wish my comrades in combat, who know military questions better than me, to take the initiative in writing a work on the art of the war.

File:Cover Gerpolek Tan – Wikimedia Commons

B The Indonesian government demands the recognition ggerpolek the sovereignty and the independence of the United States of Indonesia, tsn thus does not fall under rule of the Imperial Cabinet. In the economic war against the Dutchmen, the attitude and the measures to be taken must be really kalaka against the Netherlands, i.


In this civil or social war, the bourgeoisie fought against the feudal class and the clergy. As soon as he has land, he builds a fence at its edge and starts to plant potatoes all along this fence. The co-operatives in as much as they are the peoples system of economy and as much as they are an auxiliary means to carry out the partisan war, can be classified in five categories: Cover Book of Gerpolek.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The English were reminded that the task of their troops in Indonesia consisted only in disarming the Japanese and dealing with the European prisoners. We know that we will build factories provided with modern machines only after the achievement of our independence.

Consequently, the conditions of existence for the people continually got worse, the fall of the currency causing a constant rise in the prices of the goods of basic needs food and textiles. For Tan Malakka, the conduct of the gerpoleo operations, the policy orientation to follow, the diplomatic discussions to engage in, the economic measures to carry out, constitute a coherent whole tending towards a single objective: But the Dutch troops which were to replace the British troops in Indonesia were not yet ready.

We preserved only areas which produce less than they consume, like Bodjonegoro, Patjitan, Djokjakarta and Solo.

To stop the profits running into the pockets of the enemy who would use these profits to cover his military expenditure; to lead on the other hand the peasants to increase production, the people must themselves build enterprises which can produce the basic necessities.