Proclaimed “girl-pervert” Oriana Small, AKA Ashley Blue, a veritable artist at heart , weaves through the intricacies of a decade in and out of the adult film industry. Excerpt from Girlvert .. Deeply Honored if when you get you would comment on my Face book art Photos and just let me know what you think i. What began as a lark%E2%80%93some modeling for easy money%E2%80% 93turned into a decade-long career in adult films. Lest readers.

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You really want her to. How can you function?!

The writing style feels nihilistic, with flat but visceral descriptions. I would have never suspected that he had previously done time for pistol-whipping an ex-girlfriend. Oriana, your first name sounds Russian, and your face makes you seem like you are descended from peoples from the steppes of central girlvertt. Sep 20, Julz rated it really liked it.

Girlvert: A Porno Memoir by Oriana Small

But ultimately, while I loved reading it, I found myself wishing Girlvert was fiction so that I could rightly lament the lack of sufficient payoff in the end. For me it is a source of happiness and excitement. And it raised the question, is it still rape if she gets a handful of money thrown down next to her afterwards?

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. I was easily convinced. This behavior has no value and no place in society. Her honest, intelligent, humorous, and unapologetic account of her early adulthood was strangely fascinating. We can do it right now. Yet another thing to get used to in this porno business, I thought. No trivia or quizzes yet. It was clear that he liked attention. I wouldn’t go so far as to say pornography in its more vanilla varieties is mainstream, but it’s the dirty secret we all share, with a conspiratorial wink.


Oriana Small is a big talent as a writer. I was wrong about that.

Girlvert : A Porno Memoir

Porn is booi a hook of the reality we live in. This was not his real name, of course. I don’t like thinking about the fact that these movies even exist. But her skills as a writer limit the possible emotional punch of a few of the chapters, such as her umpteenth attempted reunion with her druggie mother. Anyone who supports this criminal trash deserves to rot in prison. Looking for beautiful books?

I thought it had something to girllvert with the movie Swingersand that was cool. And it is unusual for me to find great charm in the world of Porn.

Girlvert : Oriana Small :

I was hired for a blowjob scene that included some male ass-licking and man-toe sucking. Aug 01, Addicted to Books rated it really liked it. But, I wasn’t expecting much. People say to be open-minded but why should I be open-minded toward giflvert delighting in the degradation of another? A fairly abrupt ending but other than that, pretty solid book.

It would definitely be the most hardcore thing I could be into. You Suck at Life — Fucked Up says: Who is protecting these employees? I’ve read a couple of pornstar memoirs before and they were pretty much as expected – badly written, dumb, faux-sexy, self-serving, dishonest or sickeningly redemptive. Every single scene is complete with gory detail, emotional, personal-historic and even socio-sexual-political context.


Who would even believe them Book ratings by Goodreads. I think this does her a disservice by undermining her own strength, but it also makes it seem like she didn’t actually change at all, and that she can only improve if the person she is co-dependent with wants her too.

The feet were dry and rough with calluses. She takes satisfaction in having pushed herself to the limits of human experience Why would you want to treat someone like shit? He turned out to be a serious drug addict. Refresh and try again.

There seems to be little account unsurprisingly of sensuous enjoyment, rather the achievement of enduring the acts, and a sense of having disempowered legions of men into climax. There is a hard earned wisdom that shines through in this book. His thick eyebrows accentuated his welcoming gestures. Anabolic was on Nordhoff Street, at the corner of Owensmouth. Ironically, this friend then sent me home armed with the exception to my own rule. The author spe I wasn’t sure how to rate this.

Voltron was completely harmless.

His face had an infectious humorous expression that seemed to say everything around him was a permanent joke.