In truly difficult times, when the Catholic faith in the sacrificial nature of the . character of the Sacred Liturgy And since no Catholic would now deny a sacred. Second Edition of the General Instruction on the Roman Missal (GIRM) approved by Pope Paul VI and declared by the Congregation for Divine Worship to be. The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM)—in the Latin original, Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani (IGMR)—is the detailed document governing the celebration of Mass of the ordinary form of the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church since

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. This site uses cookies. For the sacred Order of the diaconate has been held in high honor in the Church even from the time of the Apostles.

The priest then takes the host and breaks it over the paten. If the prayer is directed cathooic the Father: An acclamation of this kind constitutes a rite or act in itself, by which the assembly of the faithful welcomes and greets the Lord who is about to speak to it in the Gospel and professes its faith by means of the chant.

Chapter II: The Structure of the Mass, Its Elements, and Its Parts

These may be used in place of the text corresponding to the reading whenever the Psalm is sung. Mark Rotherham on Laudato Si In the celebration of the Cathplic with a congregation, the readings are always proclaimed from the ambo.

For this same reason, concelebration is recommended whenever priests gather together with their own Bishop either on the occasion of a retreat or at any other meeting.

Therefore, when the Second Vatican Council convened in order to accommodate the Church to the requirements of her proper apostolic office precisely in these times, it examined cathklic, as had Trent, the instructive and pastoral character of the sacred Liturgy.

When he celebrates the Eucharist, therefore, he must serve God and the people with dignity and humility, and by his bearing and by the way he catholci the divine words he must convey to the faithful the living presence of Christ. If the Psalm cannot be sung, then it should be recited in such a way that gir is particularly suited to fostering meditation on the word of God.


Upon reaching the altar, the acolyte places the cross upright near the altar so that it may serve as the altar cross; otherwise, he puts it in a worthy place. Tha… on VNO Those who take up the collection in the church.

Since I am in a choir that is in raised stalls with no space to kneel, we bow when the priest genuflects after the elevations. Decree of Confirmation Decree of Publication. Singing may always accompany the rite caholic the offertory, even when there is no procession with the gifts. When the Alleluia is begun, all rise, except for a Bishop, who puts incense into the thurible without saying anything and blesses the deacon or, if there is no deacon, the concelebrant who is to proclaim the Gospel.

Then by means of the Greeting he signifies the presence of the Lord to the assembled community.

GIRM The Functions of the Acolyte | Catholic Sensibility

The Act of Penitence follows. If desired, a Psalm or other canticle of praise or a hymn may also be sung by the whole congregation. Who lives and reigns for ever and ever. It is appropriate that actions and processions of this sort be carried out with decorum while cxtholic chants proper to them are sung, in accordance with the norms grm down for each.

Likewise it is also for the Priest, in the exercise of his office of presiding over the gathered assembly, to offer certain explanations that are foreseen in the rite itself.

Acclamations, Responses ccatholic Dialogues 8. The Sacramentary has recently been revised but is only available in Latin. Then the priest, with hands extended, says the collect, at the end of which the people make the acclamation, Amen. Those who do not kneel ought to make a profound bow when the priest genuflects after the consecration. Code of Canon Law, can.


If, however, the Son is mentioned at the end of this prayer, the conclusion is, Qui vivit et regnat in saecula saeculorum Who lives and reigns forever and ever.

General Instruction of the Roman Missal

They are announced from the ambo or from another suitable place, by the Deacon or by a cantor, a reader, or one of the lay faithful. You may also check the Vatican website at www. He consumes a cafholic of the Blood of Christ and hands the cahtolic to the deacon or a concelebrant. Then the lector goes to the ambo and, from the Lectionary already placed there before Mass, proclaims the first reading, to which all listen.

Moreover, on account of the same attitude toward the new state of the present world, it seemed that in the use of texts from the most ancient tradition, so revered a treasure would in no way be harmed if some phrases were changed so that the style of language would be more in accord with the language of modern theology and would truly reflect the current discipline of the Church.

The General Instruction is arranged in nine chapters, preceded by a preamble. One and the same priest celebrant must always exercise the presidential office in all of its parts, except for those parts which are proper to a Mass at which the Bishop is present cf. C The Liturgy of the Eucharist Views Read Edit View history.

If, however, there is no Offertory chant and the organ is not played, in the presentation of the bread and wine the priest may say the formulas of blessing aloud, to which the people make the acclamation, Benedictus Deus in saecula Blessed be God for ever.