View Golshan Raz’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Golshan has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on . The Mystic Rose Garden (Gulshan-i Raz). Mahmud Shabistari (–) translated by E.H. Whinfield. This summit of Persian mystical poetry was written. Gulshan-i Raz or Gulshan-e Raz (Persian: گلشن راز , “Rose Garden of Secrets”) is a collection of poems written in the 14th century by Sheikh Mahmoud.

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Gulshan-i Raz | Revolvy

Who is the understanding one that is a knower? Lahiji says this includes the processes of mutda, coming or origin, ma’asli, sustenance, and mu’ad, return or going. Now that this rule is well established, 1 will show you more of these types. The first is the knowledge gained by logical demonstration, the second that ” spiritually discerned ” by illumination, Sashf.

From this disposition all the virtues flow spontaneously. Here ‘ negation ‘ means denying all other existences besides God. Shabestari died about the yearthe composer of Gulshan-i Raz. Beyond this is the eighth sphere, that of the fixed stars, and beyond that the crystalline, or ninth sphere, to which was attributed a certain ‘ trepidation ‘ to account for the irregularities observed in the motion of the fixed stars.

The ‘ to me on ‘ of the Eleatics, handed on to the Sufis through Plato, Plotinus and the Arabian philosophers. If lust remained not in the midst, All relations would become an empty tale. If the son shows a trace of his father, What shall I say? The poems are mostly based on IrfanIslamSufism and sciences golsyan on them.

The creature state being thus non-existent, man cannot of himself move, draw near to, or unite with ” The Truth. Old women’s religion is said to consist of taklid. Continually is creation born again in a new creation, Though the duration of its gplshan seems long.


One who was a man well versed in affairs, 3 And who had heard these mysteries from me a hundred times, Said to me, ” Tell the answers off straightway, ” That the men of the world may profit thereby.

Mount Kaf was the abode of the Simurg, the type of Absolute Being.

The Mystic Rose Garden (Gulshan-i Raz)

The fact that he could find no better way of reconciling these ” antinomies of religious thought,” ought to make us lenient critics of the Sufis. For ” The Truth ” now and again appears as evil.

She sings primarily classic World without beginning is world without end, The mission of Jesus falls with the creation of Adam. This phenomenal side is 1 Kashifi’s abstract of the Jlfasnavi, calk’d Lab ul labab, arranges the matter of that poem under the three heads of the law, the path, and the truth.

Absolute Being is the sumrnum genus embracing all being; but in one sense actual phenomenal being is wider, because it is absolute plus phenomenal limited being.

One exposes these mysteries to the vulgar and causes scandal, another keeps them concealed. If the son be of good judgment and fortune, He is as fruit, the cream and perfection of the tree. It is to become annihilated fani in your ‘ self,’ and enduring baJci in God.

Falling and rising again in the midst of water and clay, 2 Shedding blood from their eyes for tears. Title-page, Couplet r i 1! In applying them look to their final intent, And regard all the attributes of each. One who is accursed and banned and hated Is now Shaikh of the age, because his father was good.

These 1 Here is the germ of the modern doctrine of the Relativity of knowledge, and consequent limits of thought. Golshaan things, whatever the times of their manifestations, are present together in God.

But when he is grown up and able to travel, If he is manly he goes with his father.

Gulshan-i Raz – Wikipedia

The holy tradition 4 has declared this, And, ‘ without eye or ear,’ demonstrated it. The first emanation, ‘ayn, was universal reason, and this descended, through the intermediate emanations, into man, and is again carried upwards by the ” perfect man ” in his ascent to ” Unity,” and is united with the ” One.


Call to mind the state and circumstance of your creation, For thence will you learn the root of your thought. As Xenophanes 2 saw, men’s conceptions of the Deity bear a constant relation to their own moral and intellectual stature. By his face the secret chamber of my soul was illumined.

Gulshan-i Raz

In his descent this point is the very lowest, For it is the point directly opposite to Unity. His theoretical knowledge is naught, rz he personally experiences and feels the ‘ Secret of Unity. The devils are said to ascend to overhear the tiilk ot the angels in heaven.

Universal Eeason, the first Emanation, as in couplet Each creature wanders about during its manifestation in forgetfulness of its origin. None would know that these beams are from him, There would be no distinction between kernel and husk. Recognise the ” working” 3 of ” The Truth” in every place, Place not foot beyond your own proper limits. The Divine Essence is freed from where, how, and why. The law is a schoolmaster to bring him to ” The Truth. It cannot transcend them, or mount from them to the infinite.

The saint first accomplishes ‘ the journey to God,’ ending in absorption fana and abiding or eternal life in God bakaand then journeys down again to bis beginning in the ‘journey from God along with God,’ and is conscious that he is Unity in plurality.

Verily he is light upon light.