I’ve been thinking of writing a summary of Groundswell: Winning in a So, let’s jump right in; Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff (not “Bernhoff” as. Groundswell, Expanded and Revised Edition: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. book. Charlene Li · Josh Bernoff. In Groundswell, Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li explain how to turn this threat into an opportunity. In this updated and expanded edition of Groundswell, featuring.

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Jeez, what more can I say? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Charlene LiJosh Bernoff.

How to Tap into Social Media — A Summary of Groundswell

For instance, some companies must work within industry regulations, national or multinational corporations must balance corporate and local engagement, and other companies must find ways to engage with bernogf on time-sensitive issues. The book attempts to explain a shift in the relationship between customers and companies, in which companies are no longer able to control customers’ attitudes through market researchcustomer serviceand advertising.

Do you see any gaps? Other questions also need to be addressed. Will the social technologies be incorporated into your organization’s website of live offsite?

Groundswell (book) – Wikipedia

It was published in by Harvard Business Press. Retrieved March 25, groundewell But what about us who want to do it on the cheap? Retrieved March 28, These are the people who animate the conversation around content and are another high value contributor to social media campaigns. Who will lead the charge?


How often do you assess the tactics? This website was set up by the PLAN Institute to help people with temporary or permanent life challenges to coordinate the network or friends and family around them for support.

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How to Tap into Social Media — A Summary of Groundswell | NetChange Consulting

Develop a strategy to meet your objectives Technology: A healthy participant ecosystem will have all segments of the social technographic breakdown but weighted on some profile types more than others. They should have a proven track record of application building, community building, and social media awareness to understand the emergent nature and responsiviness needed for a social media strategy.

If your organization isn’t new, there are bound to be some blog posts, articles, comments, some chatter about your organization. Instead, customers are controlling the conversation by using new media to communicate about products and companies.

In the ecosystem of participants, Bwrnoff are the least plentiful and arguably the most important. They created Tyze to support their organizational imperative, “…create networks, develop resources, cultivate innovation and promote thinking to foster the contribution of people who are isolated and marginalized.


Other examples of collecting are tagging, subscribing to RSS news feeds, adding to del. Choose a technology and partner to make your plan reality groundwell. At some point, along with all the positive effects, there will surface negative feedback, comments, or situations that will need to be addressed.

From a financial perspective, facilitating people to support each other will free up dollars and resources within your organization.

If you are in retail, marketing, or any type of business where people’s reviews can impact your revenue, benroff this book is a must-read. Meet your organizational objectives Once you understand what your audience is currently doing groundsewll you’re ready to define which of 5 social media tactics will meet your organizational objectives: This page was last edited on 6 Octoberat Some companies distinguish their product through the use of social technologies.

It’s an unstoppable groundswell that affects every industry — yet it’s still utterly foreign to most companies running things now.

Retrieved March 31,