Salsa, Afro Cuban Montunos for Guitar. Finally the first instructional book showing guitarists how to play Salsa styles. Following on from his highly successful. Documents Similar To Salsa Afro Cuban Montunos for Guitar. Guitar Music of Uploaded by. kostas salsa guitar. Uploaded by. This Latin improvisation lesson uses an A minor montuno. A montuno is a unique accompaniment pattern often used in Latin America, especially in Afro-Cuban.

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This books explores different chord progressions common to this style such as: They have lots of common chord progressions with examples and play-alongs in both and clave.

This goes from G to F. Watch this video on YouTube You can count dancing as practice timetoo! These are just ideas. Johnny Pacheco and Larry Harlow. I recommend lovers of 70s music to schedule in some serious listening time to these guys.

Campos Music – Salsa, Afro Cuban Montunos for Guitar

Tons of written and audio examples. Check out playing tumbao and a montuno, salsa guitar lesson. Watch this video on YouTube This version starts out with a rumba clave.

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Like the needle said to the record: You can call it salsa guitar or playing montunos or trying to sound like a tres. If you learn the different rhythms gujtar can hear better where you fit in, plus understand the accents, and also get a better feel for everything.

Please note, that while I have some experience with the style, I am certainly by far not an expert!

Salsa, Afro Cuban Montunos for Guitar

Learn the basics of what people call salsa guitar. And remember to make sure your feet are hitting the floor in time to the music. You can sing and play the different parts like the clave, the cascara, and the tumbao if you want more of a challenge.

Skip to content photo by Les Haines You can call it salsa guitar or playing montunos or trying to sound like a tres. But being able to play a major groove and a minor groove are good places to start out. Irakere was more latin jazz and songobut I feel like in the 70s, Cuban music was more inspired by jazz harmonies.

These interlocking patterns weave together to create an amazing, magical groove that gets people wanting to dance. Thanks and best wishes! Tumbao can have different meanings but here we are talking about the bass part that was adapted from the tumbao drum part in more traditional styles of Afro-Cuban music.


Playing Tumbao and a Montuno, Salsa Guitar Lesson

But it looks good. Digital download products can not be returned or exchanged for another product. For Piano and Ensemble. A lot of the musicians i.

Watch this video on YouTube Clocks. The chords are Eb, Ab, Bb, Ab. It shows how to play a tumbao bass line and a montuno at the same time. They were mostly from Puerto Rico and Cubathough musicians came from many places i. Your transaction is securely processed via Gumroad.

At least enough so that I know about them. PDF of some sample A minor montunos. Mambosonson-montunomontunocha-chasongotimbalatin jazz are some that are fairly well known styles.