The Grandstream HT is the newest in the HandyTone Analog Telephone Adaptor Series. The HandyTone offers more powerful feature functionality and. The Grandstream HT is a hybrid Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) and VoIP This versatile Grandstream HandyTone model supports UPnP, SIP over. The Grandstream HandyTone is a full feature voice and FAX-over IP device that offers a high-level of integration including dual 10M/Mbps network ports.

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The valid range is between 96 and Range is from When disabled, incoming calls are accepted. The standard tone-pairs used on telephone terminals for dialing using in-band signalling.

Grandstream HT502 HandyTone 502 Analog Telephone Adaptor

There are two types of echo of relevance in telephony – acoustic echo and hybrid echo. An FXO device can be an analog phone, answering machine, fax, or anything that handles a call from the telephone company. It is used mainly with cable modem and DSL services. These fields set to zero by default.


SIP is designed for voice transmission and uses fewer resources while it is considerably less complex than H. Enter MAC address to restore factory default setting. This field is optional but may be required by some Internet Service Providers. It uses UDP port 69 as its transport protocol.

Grandstream Handytone Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) from £ @ InternetVoIPPhone

If set to Yes” ” hansytone send the number. All entered digit sequences have known fixed lengths – 2 digits for menu option and 12 digits for the IP address. In attendance was a hermit crab inner recesses and it pinched her ear. It is used when IPv4 is used over Ethernet. The default value for FXS port1 is Click the ” Update ” button at the Configuration page to save bandytone changes to the HT configuration.

Grandstream HT HandyTone Analog Telephone Adaptor | eBay

This setting is useful for ITSPs. Only the administrator can configure the “Advanced Settings” page.

If the configured firmware server is found and a new code image is available, the HT will attempt to retrieve the new image files by downloading them into the HT’s SRAM.


The default setting is Yes. In order to prevent automatic posting on our website, we kindly request you to type in the number you see in the picture below. It is recommended to conduct the firmware upgrade in a controlled LAN environment if possible. This fieldis for customizable web port.

Otherwise, set it to No. Range is from 96 to End users recommended using the below TFTP server. All countries and regions have their own standards. She never needs to go back!

The password for the Advanced handyyone is case sensitive and the factory default password – ” admin “. End users should keep it blank.

Grandstream Handytone 502 Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA)

This field is case sensitive with a maximum length of 25 characters. I have this device connected to asterisk 1.

Otherwise, the call is likely to be rejected by the proxy with a Non Found error.