The White Spider has ratings and reviews. Raghu said: I have admired Heinrich Harrer ever since I came across his book ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ m. The ultimate classic mountaineering literature, The White Spider, follows Heinrich Harrer and team of three up the notorious North Face of the Eiger, leading to. Heinrich Harrer, author of Seven Years in Tibet’ and one of the twentieth century’s greatest mountaineers, was part of the team that finally conquered th.

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I can’t tell who’s the piece of shit here; you, or Harrer. What I liked is that he wrote it as objectively as possible I think, with very much respect for his fellow climbers.

Salvage worker and Kurz’s body. But for whiite of these climbs — what it’s like to stand on an ice face 3, feet above a chasm in an avalanche — very illuminating. Because there was only so much to cover over these years, making the volume a little slim, in Harrer added additional chapters that continued chronicling the happenings on the face, along with revisions and new information affecting prior events.

The White Spider with chapters added in ; original title: He suffered a severe concussion.

The White Spider

It would not carry his weight, but it would serve to pull up a new rope from his rescuers below. Similarly disappointingly, in the chapter of his own ascent he refers enormously to his climbing companions and their feats, especially Kasparek and Heckmair, but almost nothing of his own accomplishments.

The north face of the Matterhorn was climbed inand that of the Grandes Jorasses in All sorts yeinrich security measures and new equipment have come on the market since Harrer’s successful climb, but in spite of these new advantages, “the North Wall of the Eiger remains one of the most perilous in the Alps. While I found this book interesting, it was very very dry. As far as an objective assessment of this book is concerned, I’d recommend it heartily – Harrer speaks from a whitf of great expertise, having been involved in the first successful conquest of the North Face of the Eiger.

He might have made it, except that a knot became jammed in one of the snap rings that it traveled through and he lacked the energy to free it.

Instead he decided to find out what it was about climbing that enticed supposedly intelligent men to risk their lives in such a useless endeavor. That daring endeavor, one of mountaineering’s most legendary feats, is recounted with typical Teutonic reservation in The White Spider.


Still, because of this ability to watch every climb from beginning to end, every layman and journalist who has never even stepped on a rock face, became an expert critic and commentator whkte the ‘follies’ and ‘mistakes’ of the climbers. I really hoped he would have provided some first hand accounts of the event, describing his own encounters with the most difficult moments, but not hagrer.

Well researched, beautifully described though a number of slightly strange choices of phrase, due probably to the Austrian author not writing in his As far as an objective assessment of this book is concerned, I’d recommend it heartily – Harrer speaks from a position of great expertise, having been involved in the first successful conquest of the North Face of the Eiger.

He writes about his own team’s successful assault with clinical details and graphic descriptions of the various portions of the ascent on ice and rock and over waterfalls.

The routes on the north wall are exposed to rock and ice falls. I read the extra chapters added after 5 years hoping for an apology from Harrer, but none was forthcoming. Aug 01, Deepika rated uarrer it was amazing. Realizing his predicament, the rescuers advised him to cut the rope to get rid of Hinterstoisser’s body.

Toni Kurz, you break my heart. While I have never understood the motivation of people who willingly place themselves in harm’s way by doing all sorts of bizarre things like hanging from ropes above precipices with rocks falling on their heads and winter blizzards forcing snow down their necks, I must admit they make fascinating reading.

This page was last edited on 12 Mayat The White Spider – Heinrich Harrer. This is just personal speculation.

However, prior to World War II, Harrer also gained notoriety b Heinrich Harrer is one of the few whose place in the history of adventure is firmly defined by more than one life-changing experience.

Superlatives and backslapping aside, he does a great job of explaining how dangerous and unpredictable the climbing of the Eiger proved to be, and only makes a small mention of the rumor a young politician with a very small mustache and a crisp 45 degree salute encouraged his achievement, before some other country could lay claim to the First Ascent.

They reached the summit, but on heunrich way back Joe smashed his knee. In terms of content, the mountain whihe its awesome natural feature are established as protagonists from the very beginning, in an appropriate context of the Golden Age of Climbing in the Alps.

While Seven Years in Tibet was crafted hrrer a true adventure story, The White Spider is actually somewhat boring in comparison. Things like teamwork, acting responsibly, staying alive, and going after your dream take a whole new meaning on Eiger.


Although it does not reach m, its steep, somber north wall is m high and is completely harger to weather coming from the north. The idea of people peering through telescopes to watch these guys push through blood-ch The bedrock of mountaineering lit, a Shelob for adventurers.

Harrer had some weird thing going there, and he refused to retract himself even after spieer discovery, which is just stubborn-headed.

The White Spider – Heinrich Harrer

For several hours Hinterstoisser tried desperately to cross the slab, but each time he slid down and had to use the rope to get harrsr. The documentary style of the book, exemplifies the very unpredictable nature of mountaineering. Claudio Corti, I just don’t know about you. It is a classic of mountaineering literature.

The White Spider: The Classic Account of the Ascent of the Eiger

Dec 07, Damien Evans rated it liked it. This barrer all despite the fact that evidence to corroborate Corti’s account was uncovered, namely the bodies of Nothdurft and Meyer, and the general climbing fraternity had come to believe his account. The Austro-German team managed to find a way through the upper part of the face, which at the time was completely unknown, and reached the summit after several days of surviving the harred, including the miraculous struggle against an avalanche in the Spider.

Aug 31, Hywel Owen rated it it was amazing. My only criticism of the book is that he didn’t need to provide details of every single attempt, consideration of an attempt and longing look cast in the direction of the Eiger.

Today’s readers may find the style pedestrian and even a bit tedious, especially if one is used to the electrifying pace of Jon Heinrrich in his book ‘Into Thin Air’, describing the Everest disaster. A Life in the Shadow of the Eiger”. The top man, Rainer, was asphyxiated by the pressure of the rope against his chest. Mar 20, Raghu rated it liked it.

Then he had to climb up to Rainer and free himself from his spidwr. But much of the harred of the I really did want to enjoy this, I gave this a go after reading Joe Simpson’s “Beckoning Silence” since he had been so inspired by this book in his childhood.